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  1. 4 - Football @ Yahoo 1 Dynasty, 1 deep Keeper , 2 Redrafts Not doing Survival Football this year and I don't do college or CFL Fantasy 6 - Baseball @ Yahoo........3 Dynasty, 1 deep Keeper, 1 reg keeper and a redraft ..... I love fantasy baseball -- MLB and College Baseball are my true sports passion
  2. Standard Scoring ...... In a vacuum ... of the four who would you rather have ? Corey Davis Kyle Rudolf Lamar Jackson Kirk Cousins
  3. I'm going Nola ..... I think he just gets more support run wise for Wins and close on K's
  4. -- anyone with some thoughtful input ???
  5. Dynasty League - 5x5 scoring .... this would be for C2 as Grandal is my primary. My patience is wearing then waiting for Mejia .... I have been high on him for awhile though. I'm about to pull the trigger on Sisco and cut bait on Mejia Which would be better long term ?
  6. Don't trade Rodon ..... you will regret it. He's a warm weather pitcher with a huge upside
  7. I like the the spot in the batting order along with the power and potential but the issue I have is the consistency. He's streaky - He's injury prone ........ when he's hot he is totally worth rostering but the valley after that hot streak is abysmal sometimes. If there is a WW/FA option that is more stable you almost have to opt for it especially this early in the year when an early waiver claim or FA can be the next big thing.
  8. No .......... Cano is borderline in a 10 teamer
  9. Merrifield is fantasy gold .... fills almost every stat and throw in the versatility, well that has untouchable wrote all over it. -- At least for me
  10. Not even through April and its been declared Nola is having a down year and a pondering to trade him for the Glass Joe of MLB. #forshame When the weather heats up some of these struggling pitchers are going to hit their stride and the cold weather struggle starts will be long forgotten. No way I trade Nola for Stras ..... none
  11. 3 days ago I flipped Cano for a struggling Donaldson ........ it was a trade of struggling players and need for both parties. I'm not a fan of either but I have more confidence in Donaldson turning it around than Cano based of some metrics I have been presented.
  12. ----- Because of the draft pick teams have to give up for signing him. So at this point in time say someone ponied up and signed him at a discount. By the time he goes through a few weeks in the minors and/or extended spring training to get ready the MLB draft takes place and now you don't have to sacrifice the draft pick. Barring a team having some kind of crippling emergency Kimbrel most likely sits till after the draft because teams are past the point of having to sacrifice a draft pick.