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  1. Thoughts on rebound 2020? Guy has had issues with throwing shoulder and elbow in recent years. Pretty bad slide last year after signing a 5 year extension.
  2. Ketel is a stud. Adding Marte to lineup helps in several regards. I’ve read on a few posts that he is a “sell” or a target to avoid. Im all in on this guy
  3. Good young player. Even split essentially with power/AVG at home and away last year. Unfortunately got hurt for playoffs. Thoughts on 2020?
  4. Penalty pick: Eloy - 12 Laureano - 16 6x6 H2H standard scoring WHIR!
  5. Lot of raw potential, very streaky player throughout the year. Thoughts on 2020?
  6. Have Marlon Mack and Saints D in NonPPR standard scoring. Need 25. Too steep? WHIR