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  1. My team is 8- 1 abd should be in finals so im thinking about them.
  2. Why wouldnt you? Do you think gurley will play?
  3. Should i trade Gurley for gordon? Im not sure whether its best to have gurley in the finals if he wont be playing
  4. If you could redo it who would your 1-10 picks be? Or if you can be bothered say ypur top 20,30 etc. Standard scoring.
  5. I also have thielen though. Does that make it a better trade for me?
  6. Diggs, Ridley, Smith Schuster? This is a standard league
  7. Im thinking of trying to trade him for a decent WR as i'm short of them. Which ones should i try and realistically trade for?
  8. Bilal Powell vs Cleveland Dion lewis vs Jacksonville James white vs Detroit This is in a standard league. At the moment im leaning towards Powell . Who would you pick?
  9. Shpupd i try trade Cmac for Johnson? The Johnson owner is new.
  10. Is it a bad idea having these two in my starting line up? Will it limit my scoring potential? I would rather not drop either or any other player off my roster. But if it's a real bad idea i might?
  11. If Burkhead is out is it worth starting white over lewis?