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  1. My team is 8- 1 abd should be in finals so im thinking about them.
  2. Why wouldnt you? Do you think gurley will play?
  3. Should i trade Gurley for gordon? Im not sure whether its best to have gurley in the finals if he wont be playing
  4. Surely he will do better than last year
  5. Who would you guys prefer to have Thielen or Diggs?
  6. In our standard league two weeks ago i got Garcon at 61. Goodwin went at 80.
  7. Should i try and trade Garcon for Goodwin?
  8. Surely some gutter tabloid has a van following him around or something. Updates surely can't be too far away.
  9. Was close to starting him as a flex but picking jamaal williams over him.
  10. I wouldnt be surprised if he has a big collection of fast cars and gold chains.
  11. Is he able to release a rap album while playing for the club?
  12. I agree that some of the other players are underpaid but not Bell, he earns way more than the majority of them.
  13. Is there a chance he ends up at Tampa bay? Lol.
  14. Without reading ten pages, does this mean he wont be playing this week?