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  1. My team is 8- 1 abd should be in finals so im thinking about them.
  2. Why wouldnt you? Do you think gurley will play?
  3. Should i trade Gurley for gordon? Im not sure whether its best to have gurley in the finals if he wont be playing
  4. If you could redo it who would your 1-10 picks be? Or if you can be bothered say ypur top 20,30 etc. Standard scoring.
  5. I also have thielen though. Does that make it a better trade for me?
  6. Diggs, Ridley, Smith Schuster? This is a standard league
  7. Im thinking of trying to trade him for a decent WR as i'm short of them. Which ones should i try and realistically trade for?
  8. Bilal Powell vs Cleveland Dion lewis vs Jacksonville James white vs Detroit This is in a standard league. At the moment im leaning towards Powell . Who would you pick?
  9. Shpupd i try trade Cmac for Johnson? The Johnson owner is new.
  10. Is it a bad idea having these two in my starting line up? Will it limit my scoring potential? I would rather not drop either or any other player off my roster. But if it's a real bad idea i might?
  11. If Burkhead is out is it worth starting white over lewis?
  12. Out of those 3 who would you start in a standard league?
  13. Surely he will do better than last year
  14. Who would you guys prefer to have Thielen or Diggs?
  15. In most decent leagues would kittle be gone already? This is ten team standard.
  16. I had Delanie Walker as my tight end but now he's out for the season lol. Anyway out of these players who would you select. Eric Ebron George Kittle Jared Cook Cameron Brate Charles clay Ricky seals jones. Are any of them worth picking up or i look at trading?
  17. Bell should spend this year focusing on his rap album.
  18. In our standard league two weeks ago i got Garcon at 61. Goodwin went at 80.
  19. Should i try and trade Garcon for Goodwin?