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  1. This is the 9th year of my ESPN fantasy football league. Very competitive league & fun league through the years that has withstood the test of time. Due to Covid-19 we are down 2 people this year. I’m looking for 2 new players. The entry fee is $100. First place wins $750 & 2nd place wins $250. We Are Drafting Next Sunday! Because most of the league has been together for at least a few years, we do not do leaguesafe or any 3rd party payout site because A. It’s unnecessary cost & B.) We’ve never had any problems with payouts. Last year I did weekly payouts with no problems. Instead, everyone pays through cash app and is paid the same way. Also upon joining you’ll be added to the league group chat so that your in constant communication with all players at all times. I know with you being a potential new player & stranger that may be a little scary to put your faith in but I can show you (or you could look for yourself after joining) at the leagues 9 year history spanning back to 2011. All successful seasons, all with successful payouts and majority of the teams returning each year. Not mentioning the group chat you’ll be in full of players in it with you lol. If that isn’t enough for you this may not be the League for you but for anyone who is looking to join a highly active & competitive league with a nice pot, hit me up & lets run!
  2. I’m paid and ready to go. Just need to know when to draft
  3. I’m ready to go if I can get back in. Just wanted to know what I was signing up for.
  4. Damn why was I deleted? I was just waiting on an answer before I payed.
  5. So what’s the official payout structure? I’m joined & about to pay through the league safe link. Also are we 14 or 18 teams?
  6. akeemwashington@yahoo.com. Regular waivers. Let’s do it.