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  1. Through the yahoo app, paying through league safe. Reply back and ill send the links to join. must pay before draft start.
  2. Comment or PM and I'll send the Links. Many spots left open.
  3. Signed up and paid 😊 I might have a buddy that will join as well.
  4. This is a $150 buy in redraft full point PPR league with 12 teams and I was the 8 pick. Here it is: QB: Jared Goff RB: Chris Carson RB: Melvin Gordon WR: Davante Adams WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster TE: Evan Engram Flex: Mike Williams DST: Houston K: Matt Prater BN:Darrius Guice BN:D.J. Moore BN: Darrell Henderson BN: Ronald Jones BN: Alexander Mattison BN:Darren Waller I tried to get ekeler in the 6th round but got taken right before my turn
  5. I took Gordon at 4.5 in a 12 team draft, and I tried to reach for ekeler in the 6th but unfortunately got sniped from me the pick before ☚ī¸
  6. I think if Mack can stay healthy, there is a definite chance he can finish as an RB1 this year no matter who is playing QB. The guy has been hurt since he got into the league and has been pretty impressive while being hurt. I realize they signed Spencer Ware but I don't see him taking away a lot of goal line chances from Mack. The only problem I could see is Nyheim Hines taking passing down work from Marlon, but I don't believe it will be that much of a problem since the Colts are going to put up a lot of numbers and should spend the majority of the game in the winning column thus he will be running more. Although Hines is better in the pass game that doesn't mean his presence on the field is necessarily an upgrade and it won't make it easier on Brissett too if he were to come in, I see a lot of Theo Riddick in Hines. The Colts best bet would be to develop Mack in the pass game and have him go off to the races. Late 3rd round is where I've been finding Mack and there aren't many safer options at that position in my opinion.
  7. I don't really play with errors but for what its worth I would stick with Beckham for now. Unless this is a consistent problem with him than drop him. For Polanco I am a wait and see with him. From what I see he doesn't do a whole lot other than have a good batting average, but if this continues for another couple games than feel free and pull the trigger.
  8. Ok so first of all I think this guy is insane for doing this trade but for some reason it has mixed opinions, here is how it went down. Kris Bryant, Marcell Ozuna, Vlad Guerrero jr., Jay Bruce for Madison Bumgarner, Chris Archer, Jose Peraza, Michael Conforto Now I had a conversation with the top guy, and from my understanding this guy is drunk with recency bias already. Even if you need pitchers, I cannot explain this trade. Its also a yahoo public cash league so there is no commissioner to veto it. I submitted a complaint for yahoo to veto it, i'm afraid they won't. I want to know if I'm in the right to condemn this trade.
  9. He regressed quite a bit on the field in stats that don't really matter much in fantasy. He is averaging 4.4 yards per carry as opposed to 6.1 last year, quite a big difference but not bad. The #3 ranking is obviously inflated due to the 4 games without Ingram, it has clearly been a different story since he came back. First 4 games need to be taken with a grain of salt.
  10. Give it a rest dude. You are constantly hammering the idea of Kamara being this top back that you don't even see what is going on here. The saints are running a RB combination that most teams commonly use nowadays, An up hill runner that gets carries when they are leading a game (Ingram), and a pass catcher who mostly plays when your team is down (Kamara). Ingram is going to vulture touchdowns and red zone opportunities from kamara because he is a better option in that department, I'm sure your little podcasts can tell you that. Kamara has obviously regressed from last year, although he is maintaining a rb1 status(Barely), and is a better option than almost any other pass catching rb in the league. To say this is his backfield is not true at all, maybe in the future, but not right now. Look at the big picture instead of pumping your chest every time kamara has a good game.
  11. So this week came down to Monday night. I am up by 5 point in a full ppr league with me starting alfred morris (Which I thought was the safer play than brieda LOL) and he started Aaron Jones. Now right when I saw that morris wasn't playing at all I got very nervous throughout that monday night game especially having brieda on the bench. Turns out Jones didn't do much and I won by .9 points. Now today I've been trying to control my blood pressure.
  12. As a Lions fan, our running game has been abysmal for years now lol
  13. It is very hard for the steelers to negotiate a contact at this stage in bell's situation when they are constantly focusing on how many games he will miss every year. It's hard to think long term for leveon bell when he's been so unreliable in the short term. Leveon played 5 years and 4 of them we were left wondering whether he would play or not, either due to suspension, injury, or holdout. If you count this year it would be 5 out 6 years that he's been questionable to play. One of those years he was originally suspended and had it appealed and ended up playing all 16 I believe. However negotiating contracts is never easy with a player with so many problems, its literally every year.
  14. The problem with that was his suspension that happened a few years back. Around that time was as good as any for a big deal. It came and went, I know the steelers aren't counting the suspensions against him but hes not at a prime age for a long extension. But I think he can ultimately blame those suspensions or he would've been signed years ago.