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  1. I'm interested please send an invite to
  2. Are there any ESPN or yahoo leagues using league safe drafting today?
  3. I still have not gotten an invite my email is Thanks!!!
  4. I'm in for the draft send invite to Thanks a bunch!
  5. If it's ESPN I'm in and my email is
  6. There's a lot of interest in this league please do send the invite to me at do we have an idea of when we want to draft today?
  7. I'm down for the ESPN draft during the day today with a buy in less than $100 send me the invite at I would like to get one last draft in before the season start.
  8. I'm down to draft my email is Is there a payment for league safe?
  9. We have three so far so if we have enough I will create the league but I do prefer to join someone else's since I'm already running a league.
  10. I'm open to draft today as well but only on ESPN with league safe.
  11. We only need one more, please send information soon so we can kick this draft off on time.