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  1. I can see him being top 90 ros if he gets 30 mins a game.
  2. Was supposed to be winning 3s with him and Harden every week, now I'm just guaranteed losing FG%.
  3. Please no, unless Kuzma goes and I don't see that happening. Even if Kuzma does, still too many bigs and mouths to feed, don't see Bertans getting more PT or usage than with Wiz.
  4. What’s the over/under on games played before his knees act up again and he’s done for season...15?
  5. Well I was leading in TOs and Stls. Yup, Dieng on the opposing team.
  6. His counting stats and stocks have dipped from last season too.
  7. Now drop your FG% by shooting more it!!
  8. Injury aside, Noel has provided enough value to be rostered regardless.
  9. What, because there doesn't exist the chance of misinformation, or new information from different sources? I did read everything, but Sosa hadn't responded to any of them, hence the inquiry. If you aren't a fan of cluttering threads, then call yourself a hypocrite with your earlier post.
  10. Good, if there's nothing wrong with me inquiring, then maybe in the future you can keep your unnecessary remarks to yourself, cheers.
  11. The report came out before Sosa's post, and then he said it was changed from out to GTD, so I asked him about it. Is there something so wrong about that Mr forum policeman? Geez.
  12. Agree with Clarke over Wood. We've pretty much seen what PJ can offer this year, I think Wood's ceiling can be higher than PJ, but he needs a Drummond trade.
  13. or maybe it was read already, and the poster had some new info. chill fella.