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  1. If I win a fantasy title this year after a decade of failure, I’m buying a Connor jersey. He has been so unbelievably good for a guy I drafted with my last pick.
  2. I cut Stafford for Fitz in a deep league a week ago and have no regrets yet. The risk of him getting benched mid game is a lot higher than most QBs but I think after they did that to Jameis it’s less likely they bench Fitz to put him back. The week week to week upside is immense. Yes he’s had a career of mediocrity, but that offense has a ton of weapons and that defense couldn’t get a stop in a backyard game. If you have a middling QB like cousins, Stafford, etc especially with bad matchups I’d rather ride Fitz and know you can get someone on waivers in most leagues if it doesn’t work out.
  3. I think the important thing to remember about Leveon is I have a lot of shares of Connor and that’s gone very very well. Stay strong Leveon!
  4. His upside is immense on a week to week basis although there is mid game benching risk. I’d cut any lower end QB for him. If things don’t work out you can find a passable QB. I cut Stafford for him in a league. If he makes it to week 14 that playoff saints matchup is going to be delicious.
  5. I was so high on him this year. I was so very wrong.
  6. Lynches last good season was 2014 because he didn’t play football... Martins was because he played and sucked horribly. Martin is much worse. I would start him unless I was completly desperate in a super deep league. That team is tanking, Richard will get passing downs work. Dougie could easily get 12 carries for 30 yards with a 5 yard catch and be a total dog. Avoid.
  7. Don’t trade Connor unless it’s an offer you can’t refuse (2nd round talent or better). The 20+ a week from a RB is so valuable as long as he has the job. As for Bell I was told he was definitely playing week 1. Then for sure back by week two. Then no way he isn’t back after the first month. Then he will be back definitely during the bye. Anyone who sold Connor early looks stupid. His value as long as he has the job is so high even if it’s likely only a few more weeks, you would have to make me a monster offer to get him.
  8. I don’t generally disagree cooper stinks but the pats comp isn’t fair. That is a professional organization that makes players earn the right to play. The cowboys are Jerry Jones yelling until he gets his way. If he wants cooper in from day 1, ol Jerry gets it.
  9. Connor won’t be irrelevant. I could easily see him being a poor mans Tevin Coleman (this reference was better when the season started) Basiclly a massive upside handcuff who has flex appeal in bye weeks or the right matchup (a likely blowout game). Bell isn’t going to return to 30 carries a game while Connor sits.
  10. Lol expecting at least 75-80 and a TD? I want you in one of my leagues. Pencil him in for 42 yards and no TDs and you cutting him when waivers go through next week.
  11. I’m in a 14 team league where Barber was cut and was not claimed. He is not rosterable, it’s time to move on.
  12. If you need between 5 and 6 points in PPR, Henry is the man for you. i have him in a 16 team league. I can’t cut him l, I just have to watch him be useless every week.
  13. Charles on a per touch basis was one of if not the best running backs in NFL history. with that being said, his time is over and outside of a 24 team league you can completely ignore him.
  14. Last week 12 targets were left. Agholor doesn’t have a lot of upside but a solid WR2/3 in PPR depending on number of teams in your league.