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  1. so is it as bad as it looks in the stat sheet?
  2. Im just saying, you cant have your players running your team. The wr core needs to be patient. Zimmer will be to blame and should be, if they tank.
  3. So you cant talk with the coach? You need to go to the media lol? circus clowns. They are 2-2. The smart play would be get together with thielen and talk it over with the coaches. You dont need to use the media as leverage.
  4. They are absolutely being divas. Way too early to be acting like this. The best thing zimmer could do is stop being transparent about only running the football to start every game, and nip the theatrics from the wr in the bud immediately. Or you end up with an antonio brown/melvin gordon circus.
  5. They want to be a run first team, it worked the first few games of the year, but as a coach, zimmer is being too transparent.
  6. Diva in the making, Diggs has a new contract, and its only been 4 games, should have handled this internally, thielen too.
  7. Im no expert, but i was told that if they pinned the knee, you heal faster, not requiring a pin only makes it less likely he comes back sooner. I personally was within a millimeter of needing a pin.Hes now waiting for bone to reheal, so it doesnt continue to shift. I disagree with the article completely. As far as not releasing this sooner, my fracture wasnt seen on the initial xrays. My follow up appt, caught it. The dr had me lay down on a bed. He then yanked my knee to the side. He said i think you have a tibial plateau fracture. I asked why they didnt catch it. He said" because of the placement of this you need to have an xray without weight on the knee. So the second xray caught it, while i was laying down.(i obviously didnt heal as fast as an athlete, nor did i have the care he will have, but best case scenario i see is putting him in your IR until playoffs. that seems wishful to me though.
  8. From someone who has had a tibial plateau fracture, His season is done. I had the type 1, and it hurts. I was lucky enough to not have soft tissue damage. He might. I think watt missed the rest of the season with the same injury. Even if they put a pin in his bone, its 4- 6 weeks to start rehab!