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  1. Have to play him. I get that it doesn't feel great. But how can you bench? He's been so good, and despite all his supporting cast concerns, he just turned Breshad Perriman into Mike Evans. Godwin goes out? Why not turn Watson into Godwin? Miller out? Howard/Brate. Maybe some more to the RBs. Have to play. Solid floor, almost unrivaled ceiling.
  2. 4 semifinals. 1 won, 1 lost and 2 coming down to tonight. 1) Less than 15 from Lutz 2) MT less than Doyle + 20 (standard)
  3. I'm taking the garbage time TD and running like a bank robber from the vault. No way I'm starting next week, and I currently have no one on my roster to replace him. But with Perriman out there (and other WRs with a pulse), I'm sure I'll find someone I feel more comfortable starting then Kupp. Man....what happened????
  4. Anyone see Hollister's endzone target? Wilson has been the MVP this year, no arguments (outside of CMC, but ya know, only QBs are allowed to win MVP). But that was potentially the worst throw I've ever seen.
  5. I do 4 and I think its 1 too many. But none are online, they're all in person drafts with different groups of people. Otherwise I definitely drop at least one
  6. The Patriots were the dream landing spot for years. He was mediocre at best, then cut. Can't imagine him being fantasy relevant anywhere. At least this year for sure
  7. Edelman for 20? Might as well be 200. I'll show myself out
  8. Not even in the discussion for biggest bust in fantasy unless you took him in the 2nd round, in which case, your fault. Someone above me said he's the RB27 and he was drafted as the RB21 according to fantasypros ADP. Disappointing? Yes. Biggest bust? Not even close. He's a low-end TD dependent RB2, but he will be getting volume and that counts for something. As a pure running back, he's slightly above average imo. The problem has been Nagy and the O line. The Nagy situation is unlikely to improve, but maybe the OL takes a step forward with Long on IR. I'm rolling him out there out of bye week necessity this week and it's fine. Should be at least a decent floor play and always has the chance to punch one in.
  9. Is this the coolest story of all time? It's at least on the list of finalists for sure
  10. Non-PPR: D Monty, Sammy Watkins, Edelman. Projected to win narrowly, so thinking high floor guy. Have Monty in now, thought? Thanks!
  11. Fears from August have come true. He's just not a #1 receiver and his advanced metrics backed it up. We all saw last night how the Steelers o is going to "function" now with Mason Rudolph...Juju is toast. Honestly, I don't think he should be viewed as a top 40 guy going forward.
  12. The man makes some sense. I think we all know, or at least should, that MG is the clear cut starter here. No question about it. But Ekeler has been very, very good. He's not going to fall off the face of the earth. I could very easily see this being a situation where each guys get drives, maybe one Ekeler for every two MG, with both on the field at times. Obviously the days of 20+ touches are gone. But 10 per game should be very do-able, and should provide low-end RB2/flex value at least, and he's shown he can score. MG coming back is a hit, but it's not the end of Ekeler's valule.
  13. DING......DING......DING. That's the sound of the cowbell around Kerryon's neck as he walks into practice