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  1. Ppl still believe in AJ green? I jumped off the bandwagon in week three and thought I was last one. Guess I didnt see the hardcore junkies hiding in the corners
  2. This is good news. Now I can finally bench him rather than endure his parade of mediocrity.
  3. Worth noting that he can catch. Was talked about numerous times in the summer. The fact that he didnt have any receptions last night doesnt mean he wont. First, he actually had a reception during the game, but it was called back. Second, the Pat's gameplan yesterday was a lot of straight handoffs to minimize dropbacks bc their QBs sucked. That's not the ros game plan once cam is back. Granted, unseating james white on 3rd down ain't gonna happen barring injury. But harris isnt stone hands Sony either. I imagine hell be catching 1-3 balls a game in a couple weeks as well, adding to the already strong case to like him.
  4. Cant argue with any of that. Just my read on the situation. I think Sony is more than likely done. Rex and white are complementary pieces. Harris is the guy. If last night (17 carries and 100 yards in essentially his 1st game) doesnt convince you of that, I certainly wont be able to
  5. If you're not using your top priority on harris, what are you using it on? Guy appears to have first and second down on lock for the rest of the year for a good team that wants to run. One could make the argument that very little separates harris and Jonathon taylor at this point from a situation standpoint. White equals Hines and burkhead equals Wilkins. Taylor may very well be a better player, but very similar from a situation standpoint. Only diff is cam, who can vulture at the goalline. So both rb2s, but Taylor with a better ceiling. I'll burn my priority for that
  6. You say you're not worried. Then do a fantastic job pointing out one of the main reasons to be worried
  7. This. Don't remember 100%, but I think it won't even let you change your starting lineup until you've removed they guy from IR. Chance I'm wrong on that. For sure, you at least can't add/drop anyone.
  8. Game time decision + bye week next week = I'm benching. And recommend you do the same unless you have a very good pivot. Very risky
  9. No. Gibson will be better than gordon by week 8. Metcalf is gonna stud all season. Gordon's a sinking ship. Dont jump on
  10. Heres what I'd do: Accept the trade just before the games sunday morn so that it settles for wk4. That way, you keep this Mixon game v jax (and miss a week of godwin out) but still dump Mixon for value. sanders is much MUCH more valuable than Mixon ros. Mixon schedule is brutal. Diff between godwin and Adams is smaller than the rb diff once Godwin is healthy. By a lot. My 2 cents.
  11. Josh Jacobs v BUF, david Johnson v MIN, or Kenny golladay v NO. Currently have Jacobs benched bc I cant bench James robinson
  12. Highlight of my night. Thank you.
  13. Matt Cassel was once called for intentional grounding on the same play that he threw an INT. Never forget.