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  1. Targeting him in rd 4-5... expect him to get about 80-1,200- 7/10tds. Wr 1 all day
  2. nah.... I'm good. I am strong in rebounds and i could take a little hit there. And you can't always base past performances for the present. I've watched almost all of his games this year and he seems like he is trying, desperately, to be more involved in the offense, which has resulted in poor shot choices and turnovers. Didn't draft him for his points. Sometimes, you gotta take a chance and I strongly believe Bam will have a better overall season.
  3. Traded this disappointment for Bam. I was expecting more blocks and less turnovers.
  4. He worries me a bit, but u didn't draft him for points. Have faith... he will have a nice yr.
  5. If Gardner stays the course and win about 50% of the games, he wont get benched. Gardner is a star!
  6. Sometimes, u need to stop overthinking. He is playing like an elite wr, so just play the man.
  7. Chubbs ran the ball effectively, but just didnt get the opportunity in the game.
  8. Well, there you go. Even more reason to fire up Brown
  9. But u need to realize who they played. Bucs(Barber/Jones), Bengals(Mixon), Pitt(Conner), Browns(Chubbs). None of the teams they have played are running the ball well this year. You could make a case for Chubbs. Chubbs had some success running the ball, but the game script got out of hand pretty quickly. Niners have a solid defense but I would start Brown without hesitation, if Gurly is out. Prediction: 17–20 carries, 60-80 yards, 2-5 catches, 20-30 yards, with a good chance for one TD.