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  1. Orphan team, free for 2020. Must pay $50 for 2021 to assure commitment. League hosted on fleaflicker, SF PPR. Payment via league safe , communication via GroupMe Team built around Mahomes and Jacobs. Comment or email if interested.
  2. 1 spot left in $50 auction draft. Dynasty league. SF, PPR, TE Prem (1.5PPR for TE). Full details here: email me at if interested!
  3. I have an orphan in a SF dynasty league. Owner has paid for 2020, so you will get first year free. You need to pay into 2021 just to prove you're committed. Entry fee is $50 per year. Team is top heavy, and certainly needs QB's, but can be fixed up. Roster here: Rules here: Let me know if you're interested in taking over. Email me at
  4. A few spots left in a Nintendo themed startup auction dynasty. $50 entry fee. Hosted on MFL, money collected through leaguesafe. PPR, normal scoring settings, with 1.5PPR for TE. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 1 SF, 1 TE. See full rules here: Email for more info.
  5. I got one! $50 buy in, startup dynasty auction on MFL. Superflex, 1.5 TE Premium. Drafting when full. Seems like a fit!
  6. Updated rules link here, ignore the previous one
  7. Just started up this morning, so still need 9. Thinking it'll fill fast though, already had a few inquiries. See rules and scoring here: Let me know if you want in!
  8. Starting a brand new dynasty league, hosted on MFL, collecting money via leaguesafe, $100 entry. Draft will be a slow auction. PPR, Superflex, TE Premium. Comment or email if interested, will start draft when full
  9. Just a few spots left in Animal Kingdom, a startup dynasty league with 11 offensive and 11 defensive starters. $100 buy-in, hosted on MFL/Leaguesafe. The initial draft will have all players available, and will be a slow auction. Contact if interested. We will start the draft when full (4 spots left).
  10. Got five spots left in a dynasty auction startup w/ IDP and TE Prem. 11 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters. Hosted on MFL, Leaguesafe See full rules here: Email
  11. Orphan available in a Superflex dynasty league. $50 buy in. Competitive team, probably a quarterback away from competing. See full team and rules below. Email me at mzgarai9 if interested.
  12. Note it’s only $50 per year, with two years upfront (for whole league)
  13. $100 entry fee. Full team here email for further info.
  14. Email me for more info, First to pay gets in.