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  1. Am I the only one who gets no production from players (Carson) that get hurt while the other guys in my league get 15-20 pts before their player leaves the game? Fml.
  2. Did the same. Any league with IR spots, this is a no brainer guys.
  3. Expecting big things tomorrow against that D...big things.
  4. Writing is on the wall. Too many mouths to feed, Everett is the better athlete. Higbee ran like 3-4 routes last game. The dream is over. I grabbed Tonyan and am not looking back.
  5. Even with the bad D and perfect game scripts he’s still god awful. He’s toast.
  6. Love when a player gains the trust of a great QB. Only good things from here on out.
  7. Not expecting much against the Colts but still excited to see what he can do long term with Foles under center.
  8. On Higbee’s 3 catches he showed nice hands and looked quick so I’ll take that. I guess we’ll just chalk it up to the game script.
  9. Not gonna lie...I expected more.
  10. Wow just read about the Jones fracture. Was so excited for him as a keeper. How the hell did this happen?