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  1. Wow just read about the Jones fracture. Was so excited for him as a keeper. How the hell did this happen?
  2. We used roto stats, decided to call the standings as they were since 3/4 of the season had been played.
  3. Did you leave the standings as it was left when then shutdown happened and award prizes that way or did you cancel your league entirely?
  4. I thought the same thing. One guy has a whack work schedule and we have to revolve our football and baseball drafts around him alone every year. Getting everyone together on the same day is a chore. They were concerned if one of the players drafted gets Corona. My argument was there are leagues that draft early before and during spring training and players get hurt, so what’s the difference? Looks like it’s mock drafts for this guy!
  5. Anyone still drafting with this crap going on? Ours was supposed to be this Sunday. 🤬
  6. Looks like they do, thanks guys. https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000137892-Enable-Disable-Draft-Pick-Trading
  7. Not all at once guys.
  8. For leagues that hold snake drafts, when you make a trade that includes draft picks does ESPN record those for the following season?
  9. Had an unruly manager bite off more than he could chew. He finished second last year so good keepers to start with. Anyone interested please PM me.
  10. Can we increase the IL and/or bench? What is the budget? 260? Can we make it a keeper league? How are the transactions handled?
  11. [...] Cincy obviously doesn’t trust this kid or believe in him. Hope he gets traded so he can develop somewhere else.
  12. This of course was posted before they ran for 285 yards on Packers. 🤣
  13. 3rd year next season, kid will be a monster.