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  1. Hello, thanks for helping me earlier! I'm sorry but I'm not much knowledgeable when it comes to roto...but I would honestly prefer Isaac over DSJ because of stocks potential. Too many things will drag you down with DSJ
  2. Nope, it's just a standard league guys. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now
  3. I was offered Jrich plus Ayton for him. Do you guys think I should pull the trigger? I was kinda thinking of trading him for a mid to low first rounder, or a legit first rounder if I will add another one from my team. But this current offer is tempting.
  4. I traded Buddy and Dotson when they started to heat up for JJJ(when he was on a prolonged slump due) and Brogdon. I traded Steph when he went nuts for Harden(when he was injured) and LouWill(when he was on a mini-slump). I traded BogBog for Levert(two days after Levert went down).
  5. Hard pass bro. Bled and Khris are giving you stats that are more than serviceable. Their ceilings aren't at par with PG's, but they're not super far apart. Not hating on Bogdan, but his ceiling I think is not enough to reach consistently Bled's and Khris' floor. Need help. thanks!
  6. Kyle imo. He's slowly getting into groove despite his awful start to the season. Crowder I think would have a defined role in the Jazz offense so you can check his stats if you want 'em Collison may be a good choice and a safe one, but I am still wondering why he is performing like that right now Tristan won't give you steals, but if you need rebs but not much blks get him. Kyle has the highest upside of them all, in terms of assists, steals, and blocks.
  7. I will do it in a heartbeat if I had your team. J-Rich contributes across the board. It will hurt your efficiency quite a bit, but it is easily compensated by his treys and sought after stocks, as compared to Tobias. However, iirc Clips have a better playoff schedule than the Heat. Just something to think about. Need help lol. Thanks in advance
  8. I will press the accept button right away if I were you. Big man stats are hard to come by compared to guard stats, and that's where Capela's value comes in. LouWill also has a stable role right now in the rotation so it's a good filler for that trade. RUN, DON'T WALK lol
  9. Thanks man, I appreciate it. So, you'll proceed with the Teague/Capela combo? Or are you still thinking about it?
  10. I'm not sure if this will happen in reality, but theoretically Redick will get more open touches with another elite player that commands attention with Jimmy Buckets. I think his % will improve now that Jimmy is around, and his stats will be similar from last season. As for Elf, he has trip-dub potential, but I think he would have to defer a bit to Jrue and AD(to some extent, Randle) in terms of playmaking abilities if the Pelicans are gunning for a higher seed for the playoffs. However, Elf has better stocks so if you need stocks...then pick Elf.
  11. I would rather have the Teague and Capela combo. Bled is playing pretty good right now if you take away his scoring stats, but the new system in Milwaukee is affecting him weirdly, he is due for a breakout soon...but I think his ceiling is ultimately capped by Giannis' and Middleton's improvement this season. I have Bled in my roster right now actually lol Jarrett is prone to duds compared to Capela. Plus the Rox' playoff schedule is better iirc. Teague has no competition right now aside from Rose. We all know what he's capable of based on last year's performance. Plus he can dish it out to more reliable players in Cov and Saric. Bled may be better in stocks but I'm pretty sure that Thibs will run Teague to the ground again, thus boosting his value. The compelling factor I think in this case is that Capela is way better and stable than Jarrett at this point. Plus the Rox right now are on a mission. Not sure if you remember my team from before, but I made a couple of trades and this is what it looks like right now.
  12. Thanks for helping me out! I will not do it if I were you. PG is a borderline first rounder, to which you could build around easier than Ben imo. Dwight and Millsap have definitely regressed....but they are still serviceable by which you can still get midround value from them. Jae/Dinwiddie may be good right now, but stats you get from big men are hard to come by. CJ is a proven scorer, but you'll get not much from peripheral stats. I'm not sure when's your fantasy playoffs, but PG has a 4-3-4 schedule compared to Ben's 3-3-3 if I'm right.
  13. Drop Knox imo. Gay still has a definite role in the Spurs system. And you probably know what he brings to the table. You could choose to gamble by holding on to Knox, but you could get better stocks with Gay and Kyle in your team. I need some kind of assistance. Thanks!
  14. White imo. He will get more touches and opportunities as the season goes on. There might be a timeshare at the moment, but his outlook rest of season looks pretty good to me. Wes would definitely fade as the season goes on. I need your assistance if it's alright with you. Thanks!