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  1. is old, but has lost nothing in arm strength
  2. TD per reception or target should be off the charts. what a challenge! i know this is only a gut feeling, not a stat-projection, but i don't see ingram traded mid-season: lamar jackson loves ingram. the ravens love ingram. he was powerful and efficient last season. their superbowl trajectory was thrown off by the cinderella titans. ravens are out for vindication. maybe after winning the title, they ship ingram to tennessee... i see the titans keeping derrick henry via franchise. why ship the NFL's most powerful freight train off to the competition. possibly, the titans taking on ingram as a COP in 2021. but really, ingram could go anywhere in 2021, a 2-year contract to spend his sunset years. maybe the jets, where ingram and gore would provide for that geriatric thunder-and-lightning wildcard to once and for all end adam gase's career.
  3. agree entirely about rivers. funny, i remember several years ago (6 years?) where rivers had back-to-back games with negative fantasy points. that must be a record. i suppose if it’s late-round, there’s no risk. for me, i prefer to take a stab on an RB stash or WR breakout late-round. around doyle’s range, we’re seeing desean jackson and alshon, alexander mattison, duke johnson, zack moss, preston williams, golden tate. for TE late-grabs in the doyle range (fantasypros), the TE 13-24, this is clearly a backup because you’ve already drafted your starting TE rounds earlier. now it’s goedert, hockenson, jonnu smith, ebron, and doyle. i’m still thinking RB/WR.
  4. out of the 4th round dice rolls, i agree that ingram is a good gamble. james conner, david johnson, and todd gurley are all there too. any one of the four could be an RB1 at season's end. or spend half the season camping out in the injury tent. although ingram has only had 3 full seasons in 9 years, and although he has some powerful weaponry backing him up, he will get the lion's share in 2020; i agree with you that last year's 200 touches & 1000 yards is reasonable. what a great RB2 on a redraft fantasy team. but in dynasty, ingram has got to be a trade-now. the odds are against him making it through the season. the odds are absolutely against him repeating the otherworldly 26 receptions on 29 targets for 5 TDs. if @Boudewijn dug into his chart drawer and posted a graph on RB receiving + TDs, inrgam would be far off it as an anomaly. and like cleats suggests above, ingram is going somewhere to finish his career in 2021. in redraft, if chris carson somehow slips to the 4th, i'm taking carson over ingram. carson is a good healer. i'd go ingram over conner. DJ and gurley are tougher choices for me. we saw DJ sloooow down last season. but we see DJ's big contract and some jobs on the line. we hear "atlanta doctors cannot examine gurley." but the rams actually gave the falcons gurley's medical reports (something not normally done). probably still lean ingram because he's having fun in his golden years. other guys i'd take over ingram in the 4th (based on fantasypros ADP for the 4.01, 4.02, 4.03), dk metcalf and calvin ridley.
  5. rivers has been sacked 445 times, so it's no wonder his body is crumbling and crunchy. in the last 10 years, he averaged at 2 sacks per game.... these sacks don't count general hits of course. so imagine what rivers might do with a more capable offensive line... then again, andrew luck was hit hard enough and often enough to force him into retirement. saving rivers may take more than that 0.5 sack per game difference. i'd upgrade doyle from "terrible" to "servicable on bye weeks." he should be on the waiver wire in 12-team leagues. you're grasping, hoping, but... unless you're in a 16-team+... i do not see it. even if burton is mediocre, and even if allie-cox does not get many targets (though coaches say they want to increase his role), doyle is stuck in that 70-target range. his catch percentage was at an all-time low last season (59.7%). we will see the backfield of indy doing well, but doyle no. in 8 seasons doyle has only put up one decent enough season ending at TE9, and he needed 108 targets to get to this 690 yards and 4 TDs. i suggest trading doyle if you can get a draft pick and instead stashing asiasi, kmet, or trautman. in my two dynasty drafts, all three have gone very late.
  6. gentlemen please, i ask you to recall last year when @1972Miamidolphins referred to eating magic mushrooms and consider this variable as it applies to understanding the significance of the current thread / post
  7. a season-ending kidney injury is a lot different than nagging soft tissue injuries. one might say that fuller's injuries are not fluky at all: they are consistent. on one hand, 14 receptions on 16 targets for 217 yards and 3 TDs is the ninth best WR performance of all time (week 5 2019), and on the other, 1 rec for 6 yards (week 7), or 1 rec for 8 yards (week 13), or 2 rec for 11 yards (week 16) are all in the realm of fuller's possibilities. it's those games where he starts and leaves early that kill fantasy production. in best ball, fuller is the golden goose. everything's already been injured so he's full of new parts! nothing can go wrong!
  8. if the organization was considering moving on from kamara, the saints would have drafted mcfarland, joshua kelley, or deejay dallas at pick #105. this isn't the jets we're talking about---the saints plan things out. he's in the last year of his rookie contract. i imagine the saints re-up him.
  9. good point about best ball. last year, out of 596 targets, 121 of dak's passes flew towards TEs. that is going down but jarwin is still a good PPR best ball bet. in redraft, i am skeptical and do not see drafting blake jarwin. witten was gone in 2018 and jarwin went 27 rec for 307 yards and 3 TDs that 2018 season was also with dak throwing 526 passes and amari cooper only playing 9 games with dallas (and still jarwin did not shine) in 2019, michael gallup proved his talent and he should demand targets; cooper will get his share randall cobb saw 83 targets and now he's replaced by cee dee lamb zeke is also hungry if the TEs see 100 targets (big IF), the undrafted jarwin could be easily splitting these with schultz, bell, mckeon, etc., and while certainly jarwin will get the lion's share, i'll let a leaguemate spend the pick. my two cents. i see dak targeting the talent, and dallas is flush at WR and RB. giddy'up.
  10. i like murray. and now with nuk on the cardinals, i like him more. but interesting comparison of the rookies and a great point in the roundist views of some RW posters. and while the numbers aren't truly the same, there are some noteworthy stats, especially regarding 64 less attempts for minshew yet surpassing murray's TDs by 1. also, murray having double the interceptions of minshew is striking. looking forward to seeing both sophomores level up. Kyler Murray 3722 yards 349/542 completions/attempts 20 TDs 12 INTs 93 rushing attempts, 544 yards based on last season, looks like the jaguars stole minshew. now it's time for their first round pick (josh allen) to pay off. Gardner Minshew 3271 yards 285/470 21 TDs 6 INTs 67 attempts, 344 yards
  11. carson, conner, and fournette all have their own risks, but with the wind behind their backs any or all could end up in that RB6 to RB12 range. that's the highest reward i can fathom for gurley and dj. more likely, it's RB2 territory with occasional weekly jumps into RB1. just as likely, a sprained concussion, torn turftoe, or broken groin not spending a roster spot on ito. what a waste
  12. "will surprise folks"??? the fun-loving 6th-rounder from 2019 has gained 25 pounds of muscle! egads! he looks ready to fight!
  13. fantasyfootballcalculator takes a composite of the main sites (yahoo, espn, cbs, draft, etc.) and lists ADP for the past 30 days. when i posted's drake's 5.01 ADP two days ago (half-PPR), he was at 5.02. today, drake is at 4.12. i had a draft last week and took drake at 4.10. as we move into june, expect drake to hit round 3 with his ADP settling in early round 3 by july 1st. he's a steal if you're drafting now. great point about stafford, especially for us who draft QBs in the double-digits. big ben is listed as round 13 , and he's another bounce-back undervalued candidate. note: while the ADP for stafford is in round 10, and for ben round 13, the "expert" consensus ranking place them in round 8 and round 9, respectively. drafting today, double-digit values. but the gap between ADP and consensus will continue to close. mind the gap also like anthony miller, golden tate, and diontae johnson at their current rounds 9-10 price tag -- wouldn't start any of these WRs day 1, but undervalued roster depth with flex potential by october.