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  1. Am I the only one who thinks with Sanders gone, this guy could really see an increase in catches and scoring chances?
  2. I can't see any Miami running back doing that well right now.
  3. This guy just hit the waiver in my league. He has to be worth an add right? I wonder if there's still any chance he gets traded.
  4. This timeshare is killing me! I need my Rolls-Royce to come out of the garage already. Lindsey just won't quit though.
  5. Thinking about doing the same thing, but man week one was nice. I'd hate to have Pettis just continue bumming and then not be able to get Jackson back.
  6. So, is this a multi-week injury or not? It looked bad enough that he would be out a while and now they're talking about him being back next week?
  7. Well said. I'm trying to revamp my receiving core and it's hard to hold on to him tbh. I can't trade him and I feel there are other wide receivers on the waiver I'd almost rather own at this point.
  8. Just doing my duty! I wouldn't want to break the trend.
  9. Really hope this is the week that Nagy realizes that they need to run and this guy is the main benefactor. I don't like that tape of him missing the hole and bouncing around so much... kind of reminds me of how Brandon Jackson used to run. Hopefully, they've told him that he needs to put his head down sometimes.
  10. Man... I'm tempted, but it's hard to save a bench space for this guy since he's on a team that spreads it out so much.
  11. I could use him to be healthy right now. I wish there was some new news.
  12. This is true, but could they eat into each other's production ala Ebron and Doyle?
  13. It's hard to own both him and Dorsett... was hoping Edelman would be out this week.
  14. I don't have any bench space and I don't want to drop him, so it looks like I'm firing him up this week. He should be forced to throw even though Buffalo has a good defense.
  15. This guy just hit the waiver.. should he definitely be on rosters in a 12 man league?
  16. Ya, I think I'm dropping him this week. They had a tough match up with Jacksonville and he didn't do much. 3 weeks is enough for me.
  17. Had a trade proposed this week... Bell and Moore for Sony and Evans. I take that trade I win this week and I'm 1-2... now going to be 0-3. I hate Diggs... I hate the tight end landscape... and I really hate that I suck at this game sometimes.
  18. I need help at receiver... this is my roster: QB: Allen RB: Cook, Bell, Montgomery, Freeman, Mattison WR: Diggs, Moore, Kirk, Gordon, Fuller TE: Hock, Vance Would you trade Bell and Moore to receive Evans and Sony? I'm 0-2 in this league if it matters.
  19. I'm sorry, but I think you need to buy AB right now. If the owner is scared, you get a WR1 for nothing. There's barely anything that suggests he'll get suspended so far.
  20. I just hope they start using Lindsay as more of a change of pace/receiving back like Cohen. Even a shift to that would severely increase the value and production of Freeman.
  21. I want this kind of optimism... where do I buy it?
  22. I'm not looking to sell him, but pick him up. If he can keep this output going, he'd be my WR1 in one of my leagues. I'm dealing with Diggs, Gordon, Moore, Kirk & Fuller.
  23. Unfortunately, we can't talk about that in this thread, but with what I've read, I don't think anything comes of it.