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  1. I picked him up in my 20 teamer a couple weeks ago and have been getting good production. I heard he made some adjustments while in AAA and it seems to be translating to the majors, at least for now. Definitely worth a look in a deep league, I think
  2. One of the best decisions I've made early on this season was picking this guy up and dumping slumpers like piscotty and putting mazara on the bench
  3. [...] i think you can safely drop him in 10 teamers at least. i doubt he gets claimed coming off two terrible starts in a row
  4. Oppo taco blast against CC tonight
  5. Didn’t mean sell high but I picked him up off his hot start with the intention of trading him later and I’ve tried to package him but no bites. I wanna move him too but I can hold him no problem with that I just don’t wanna take a lesser deal for him if I don’t have to so he’s at the top of my to-trade list now
  6. whats the current opinion on him? he's a drop candidate i think for me [...]
  7. I've been trying to sell high on for a few weeks now but no luck. Looking more like a drop candidate. I'll give it another week at least
  8. I dont love Mazara, I did reluctantly draft him for the second year in a row, and I know he hasn't gotten off to a great start, but there are some things to like. He is hitting less groundballs, and statcast suggests he's been unlucky. He's got a very low babip of .241 and statcast has him at an xSLG of .508 and an xwOBA of .369. I think he'll get better but this is probably not the breakout year for him, yet again.
  9. well...everyone is allowed a bad start every once in awhile. went wrong in pretty much every single way. that's okay as long as it doesn't become a trend. still like musgrove for sure though
  10. jeez what a disappointment he's been so far. another underwhelming OF on my team. not much in the statcast numbers either that gets you excited that a rebound might be coming.
  11. I have a 10 GS limit in my league. It's the ESPN "exploit" where you can go over it but once you go over it you can't get another start for the next day. Im at 8 GS coming into today and I have a slight lead of 4 points in my H2H points league. Today, I have Happ, Corbin and Soroka as probable pitchers so is it worth it to go over the limit today with these guys or should I sit two of them and go with my probable tomorrow in German Marquez and know where I'm at and can stream as many guys as I need to on Sunday? I'm thinking that if I'm going to go over the max, I should do it today and not rely on whatever streaming options are available tomorrow, but that means I waste a Marquez start. Streamers available in my league tomorrow are Turnbull, Margevicius, Shark, and most of the lesser guys. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Didn’t the Marlins trade Trevor Williams for their assistant pitching coach? Idk if it’s the same guy but it’s pretty funny that the Marlins did that. But Meadows man. Gonna be hard for Tampa to take him out of the lineup rn, matchups be damned
  13. Yeah I see that but I have to go into the app and basically have to check in several times a day to make sure guys are actually in the lineup. If there are guys on my bench available I can’t sometimes get them in there because it’s too late. Last year I used to get push notifications when somebody wasn’t in the lineup so I could easily just make a sub that way. I’m not getting them this year
  14. I no longer seem to be getting notifications from the espn fantasy app about when one of my players is not in the starting lineup. I have all the notification settings checked. I don’t know if this is just an issue with me or if it’s something other users are experiencing
  15. zero earned runs, it got changed thankfully. but still gonna take the loss. pittsburgh offense is useless. a good start for him again but again no run support. i liked that he was using his slider more often tonight, but i still wanna see more of that changeup and less fastball overall.
  16. Hell no, this is a start I'm gonna be watching closely. If Musgrove is for real, I wanna see him do something against a team like this. I think he needs to be started until he shows some signs of struggles, 9 scoreless innings this season, you gotta roll with him
  17. Yeah, they were preaching pitch to contact despite the whole league shifting to the strikeout. The difference is night and day with Glasnow and Cole anyways. High fastballs and devastating secondary stuff. I like what I see out of Musgrove, I hope they don't ruin him
  18. I’m appreciative of the win and the basically free points he gave me, but probably not the best result against the O’s last night. Lack of strikeouts and swing and miss could maybe be a concern and it appeared he was running out of gas in those middle innings when the runs were given up but I don’t know I was only following on Gameday. I haven’t looked too deep into the numbers yet but it appeared the O’s were swinging and putting the ball in play real early in the count so maybe that’s why there wasn’t a lot of K’s but I don’t know for sure
  19. It’s like Pittsburgh was so desperate to do something big but they didn’t realize what they had right in front of them. They were either unable to get the best out of these guys or unwilling to, either way that’s a fail no matter what for the organization
  20. Idk why I drafted this guy, thankfully I didn't start him tonight, but he's gonzo-alonzo in the morning, so many better pitchers available in my league i'm not wasting my time with it right now. he wont get claimed probably so i can always pick him back up if he turns it around
  21. Some teams are smarter than others, some teams are dumber than others
  22. Heck, in a league like mine where there is a 10 start max every week, I am more intrigued in Yonny for coming out of the bullpen and probably getting a win without costing me a valuable start. I just love so many of the Rays players, I want their whole team for my fantasy team lol
  23. -2.4% ownership also. Gotta think that's gonna come up now, combined with Glasnow, how much is Pittsburgh gonna hate themselves for that trade?
  24. This guy is a stud. Dominating performance in every single aspect today.
  25. Pivetta scares me to no end. Gotta see something from him tonight or else he's done for me. [Removed Cool Story]