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  1. I have streamed him probably 5-7 times and not once have I gotten a good game out of him. It's truly incredible.
  2. He's well enough to post about playing in the Call of Duty league on his IG, that's for sure.
  3. This. If he's playing 35 minutes a night he should be rostered by default. Stats will come.
  4. This is pretty irrelevant when looking at your scoring. The majority do not play with settings like that, so it's possible someone like Dinwiddie is more valuable in your league especially if minutes count (wtf?). It's doubtful Dinwiddie holds more value ROS, especially with Kyrie back, but hey it's your team. I'd rather Wood in the long run. If someone is comfortable in the standings there is no harm in waiting until the trade deadline.
  5. If he played for a different team I think he'd have a better outlook. There's too many shots to go around in GS and keep in mind Curry is not far way. So while Omari may rack up a defensive stat or two, his volume of shots is likely to disappear.
  6. Do you really want him to start? Drummond would absolutely destroy this kid. Okafor has the bigger frame.
  7. Only 2 games this week and now coming off the bench makes him a tough hold. We kind of knew it was going to end once the Wizards got healthy.
  8. Teague is healthy and Culver is coming on strong. Wiggins and KAT as well. There simply won't be many touches for Napier.
  9. Well good sir, where Mr Favors play his basketball, it is. Probably no updates for several more hours.
  10. Bruh, I wouldn't have dropped LeVert but hey to each their own.
  11. Lol no you won't. You'd have to be insane to draft this cat again. Glass.
  12. Well I've seen enough to know he's trash. And with Kyrie potentially coming back next week, this dude will fade.