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  1. In the past, those points used to not count against the D on fantasy. only the PAT
  2. How does that count as 13 points against Baltimore D? Shouldn't it just be XP if he makes it? Did Yahoo change that rule?
  3. Watson. Must win and potentially shootout.
  4. Need help boys. Who am I starting? Facing Lamar if that even factors into it. Thanks.
  5. Sidelined today. Was he sidelined last week at all? Roto doesn't seem concerned for his availability.
  6. Jameis didn't even have 11 points 2 weeks ago against JAX. Brees @ home this year: 21.8, 25.92, 11.48, 23.44, 40.06. The argument works both ways. Not knocking anyone here, just going with the consistent QB at home. If Jameis didn't have a fracture in his throwing hand, I'd go with him.
  7. Rolling Brees on Monday Night against the Colts (who Jameis just torched).
  8. One of the biggest draft busts I can remember.