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  1. Good enough that he's a must-add player. I'm sure you have someone more expendable than Kerryon. Probably too late though.
  2. Throwing the ball every single week in the second half when you have a massive lead and allowing teams to close the gap? Yeah, that makes complete sense in real football if you know nothing about football.
  3. he can score and hit 3s, usually doesn't do great but he has such a massive opportunity right now he might be worth an add
  4. I'll take Things Derrick Henry Can't Do for $800, Alex.
  5. They tried it against 8 man boxes, if they can keep Miami off-balance they can run the ball. Brady needs to establish the pass as a threat though.
  6. So you're upset that Kyle Rudolph didn't steal a touchdown from his teammate?
  7. ? Pretty good game for a TE. Sometimes guys score, sometimes they don't.