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  1. Optimistic? What the hell? That's a little worrisome.
  2. Through 3 they're 11th https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-week-3-nfl-offensive-line-rankings
  3. Yeah, and the Vikings were going to beat the Bills by 17. I'll gladly trade Zeke for Gurley.
  4. Pros: This is gonna happen whenever Dallas wins Cons: Dallas is gonna win 4 games Still a locked in Top 4 RB in standard
  5. Nothing has really changed, I think he's been about as productive as expected. I only play standard. I would assume that Barkley is above him in PPR, and don't know if he was above him when you drafted.
  6. I expect this thread to overtake the Josh Gordon thread in total posts. You all have 3 hours.
  7. Elite WR talent signed to play with overrated checkdown QB, what's his ROS value?
  8. Fallacious argument. Those guys aren't used the same way that Eifert is. Eifert gets force-fed the ball inside the 20 and he's literally not even getting snaps outside of the RZ right now. And yet you managed to miscalculate them. Again, those targets will go almost wholesale to Nelson, who, I repeat, because you must've missed it the first time, the exact same role as Crabtree, and the remaining 40? Well, if you're expecting "15-20" of those to go to Cook, then that's simply poor math. I'm not misrepresenting anything. Your argument is that Cook "might end up as
  9. As much as this board wants to pretend it wasn't the case, Engram was undrafted in most leagues (borderline as he was). Other than that, it's a rare occurrence.
  10. It's been 1 game and you just posted a link to ROS TE strength of schedule.
  11. And that's fine if you understand what he is. Nobody should be spending $15-20 on him unless they're completely desperate, and nobody should consider him more than a high-end TE2. Again, of course he can finish as a TE1. There are like 20 guys that can. Some of these arguments in favor of him are just paper thin. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 7 years in a row?
  12. And Cook finished tied for 14th among TEs in standard. I don't know why people post stats and ranks that aren't from a format that is literally called standard.
  13. Again, he played in 16 games. That means his per-game value is not as a TE1. If you had Cook last year, started him all season, and were happy getting 4.9 points per week, great. Otherwise this point is moot.
  14. ...completely wrong? Guys pop up every year due to injury that have TD upside (they were already popping up in Week 1). You throw a dart and hope it sticks. There are a ton of people that stream the TE spot. It appears you're not reading, this is literally my point. He has 20 TDs in 40 games (including 15 games and 2 TDs as a rookie), so you don't seem like an authority on what is and isn't ridiculous. Yes, Patterson was a guy that happened to be on the field on Sundays. He wasn't a part of Oakland's gameplan, like having a big wideout that can get
  15. Yes because, as has already been stated, the Rams have arguably the best CB corps in the league and arguably the worst LB corps in the league. This isn't hard, guys.
  16. A lot of words, but without ever saying where you value him ROS. It looks like a TE2, and it smells like a TE2...I'm in agreement that he's a TE2. Being TE12 seems like a convenient argument. He played 16 games last year. Given the choice between him and, say, 8 games of Eifert, paired with 8 games of streaming, you know which one I'm taking. The latter option gives me significantly better production. Also, sidebar, you're advocating bidding more to try to block a TE-needy team from Cook? That's terrible advice. I've spent $0 or low waiver priority plenty of times to tr
  17. David Johnson did pretty ok with a below-average offense and a below-average line. Doesn't matter how bad their passing game is, their line is good enough where they'll be able to move the ball, and that's good enough. He won't get a ton of TDs, sure. But he's still probably the best bet to lead the league in rushing yards. Maybe he's not the 3rd best guy off the board now (or maybe he is), but he'll rack up plenty of fantasy points.
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