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  1. Penny tore his ACL in December 2019. He will most likely be irrelevant for much, if not all of, the 2020 season.
  2. Where are you getting 3 years from? He has 16 career games played. He also averaged 17 touches per game this year. His usage wasn’t really an issue.
  3. My favorite post this offseason was someone predicting 9 TDs for Breida this year despite him never once being used as a goal line option.
  4. So here are my thoughts as a Birds (not that it makes my opinion more accurate or relevant or anything, just FWIW): Doug knows the desperation right now given the NFE East standings and that any loss ROS is essentially a death wish. Him relying on Boston Scott against the Giants wk14 was an indication of that. He’s not afraid to go with production over draft capital, status quo, etc etc. BUT, Miles Sanders is a better running back in a vacuum. Boston Scott is easy to game plan for and part of the production in wk14 was the surprise factor there. Similar to how teams historically had to prepare for Shady/Ajayi/etc and Sproles would pop for a bunch of receptions. I think this is clearly still Sanders’ backfield and he will have the chances to dominate wk15. If, and only if, Sanders continues to run into his own guys, miss holes, go down from a shoestring tackle, etc will Boston Scott become relevant. If the Birds are down early in this game and offense looks like ****, it wouldn’t surprise me at all for Boston to dominate second half touches. TLDR: you’re banking on some things happening for Boston to be fantasy relevant. Basically for the Eagles to have a slow start (which is this team’s MO) and for Sanders to look mediocre to bad again (decently likely). But there will be some luck involved here for certain. I’m on the fence about starting him and will likely end up sitting him for someone like Conley/Scarbrough (if healthy).
  5. Yeah CMC could be MVP in a 4pt passing TD, full PPR league. On the contrary, in a 6pt passing TD, 0.5 PPR league Lamar is like 120 points ahead of him (with an extra game played). Certainly depends on your league, but these are co-MVPs imo.
  6. Mahomes is an exception as well. He is QB8 despite missing essentially 3 games. Extrapolate the average of his other 10 games across 13 and he’s QB3 right behind Watson. A healthy Mahomes is a fantastic bet for top 3 with record setting potential. So is Lamar.
  7. Mahomes was fully on his way to repeating his 2018 season until he got hurt. You guys know he was QB5/QB1/QB3/QB13/QB13/QB7 before getting hurt right? He was QB2 IIRC lmao.
  8. Mahomes wasn’t a 1st round fantasy pick he was like a 4th. And the 29 point per game pace before he got injured was completely justifying that 4th round pick. I’m someone who never takes a QB early (hence why I’m here, I took Lamar as my first QB) either.
  9. Lolol this is hilarious logic. If I just hit on all of my picks it’ll prove drafting a QB early is dumb! I could just flip this logic into drafting a high performing early round QB and high performing low round RBs/WRs like Chark, Ekeler, Parker, etc. but the argument doesn’t make any sense so no need to.
  10. You essentially said Mahomes wasn’t worth his early draft value. He got injured. Of course he wasn’t. Him getting injured doesn’t make it a bad pick or change the value. People drafted Mahomes early to get a surefire top 3 QB which is what he was until he got hurt.
  11. Arguing that something was a bad decision because the person got hurt is just so lazy. Mahomes was easily on pace to be a top-3 QB.
  12. I’m gonna cry man. I love this guy.
  13. I’d rather he leaves practice early and doesn’t play Sunday than him leaving Sunday early lol
  14. To be fair, a Steeler WR has 16+ points in three straight games since Hodges took over. No reason JuJu can’t be startable if you need WR help with Evans/MJ3/Chark all going down.