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  1. I just you a message with my email. I'm looking for a new league my last one fell apart.
  2. Looking to join a 25$-50$ PPR ESPN league, 12 team, Snake draft are required. email if you have a spot
  3. We need 3 more for our active league. Standard/snake draft/random 1hr draft order.
  4. Need 2 more for free ESPN league drafting tonight in 30 mins 7pm EST Here are the settings
  5. BUMP Depending on invite need 1-2 people to join league first come first server
  6. Up to 8 teams now
  7. Free ESPN draft tonight at 7pm est looking for more to join. We currently have 5 people in the league that are very active. League size: 12 Points: Standard, Head to Head Draft: Snake, random 1 hour prior to draft Draft: 8/28/18 7 PM EST
  8. LF stands for Looking For and not its not a keeper league