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  1. I owned john kelly with gurley and then cj anderson gets signed while i am at work and then he gets all the carries. A lovely f--- you as a gurley owner in many leagues. In the 1 league i was able to get gurley i started kalen ballage over him thinking gase would want to give kalen 20 touches. Nope 3 way time share.
  2. After this preseason I was all on team carson and rage dropped him after 2 weeks in a few leagues and held onto him in others. Big time regret dropping him. In 1 league where i started wr with julio nad michael thomas next 4 picks were royce freeman jay ajayi chris carson rex burkhead trying to hit on a rb lol. dropped carson after 2 weeks yet held onto royce freeman. I am interested in pairing him with penny in 2019 athough mike davis also would be interesting if he ever got 20 touches per game in this seattle offense.
  3. Dustin hopkins fantasy monster today. Def goin to be the diff in leagues this week.
  4. the only thing is on 2 game slate how could you have faded henry? Yes the early td will save his day but a chance for a gordon edwards peterson lineup to win a gpp
  5. Clearly titans coaches friends family are going against henry in a lot of fantasy championships
  6. the thing is on a 2 game slate who were you pivoting too off henry and he already has a td. Kind of a free square its about who chooses the other 8 slots correctly on dk.
  7. For regular season in another thread my best reg season team of goff gurley samuels (also a conner owner) chubb aaron jones a brown tyreke hill kittle (left cook kenny g and damian williams on bench) and lost. In another league i started tyreke hill and dj moore at wr and had robby anderson and mike williams on bench so lost that one also. Out of 20 total teams 12 made playoffs and 4 have made it to championship week. Also in the yahoo 100k last week if i played derrick henry instead of saquon i would have won the 100k instead of 200 dollars. (no one is going to cry for me winning 180 profit but I would be lying if that did not keep me up at night this week some)
  8. Not that anyone cares but this team loss. I used aaron jones and goff was trash. Tyreke Also a letdown. Chubb 100 yards but no td. I went against mack mixon hilton foster engram. Good times. I have a garbage team that had to use justin jackson and damian wiliams last week of course that team made it to the finals but not this dream team because that is how fantasy works.
  9. For Te I lean frisker. Mariota loves the TE and saints are tough against the te (remember ertz). Yes brate did get a td I do belive but yards will be few for ian thomas imo. nice getting all those players for a 16 team league. Must be a dynasty.
  10. i had 1 12 team auction where i just killed it. start 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te 2 flex of rb wr or te todd gurley james conner jaylen samuels nick chubb aaron jones josh adams antonio brown tyreke hill sammy watkins kenny golloday george kittle jared cook jared goff baker mayfield So The big debate for me is do i sit aaron jones and start both te. Really thinking of droppping watkins if he does not play thusr night because what good is he even doing me? I spent most of my auction budget on gurley tyreke hill antonio brown and went cheap for conner and got lucky with kittle for cheap. I had a bye obviously but anything can happen in a 1 week playoff. I believe if he is active I have to start tyreke hill and I am hoping conner sits so I can just start j samuels. Golloday in theory used to be somethin nice but now he is pretty much a drop with t white and x rhodes next 2 weeks.
  11. well gus edwards has been ok. Philly is a backfield not worth investing no more than 8th round pick. For the right price I will own the supposed philly starting rb next season. i think it will be a clement adams 50 50 timeshare.
  12. Last week josh adams had a long td called back and still had I think 70 yards and a td. He is def affected by the hip injury. They should have just sat him down and went with clemente and sproles to spare adams owners the pain. Then again this is not a smart philly coaching staff barely beating a redskins team with its 3rd qb
  13. I still see 1 adams td coming in the 2nd half for adams.
  14. i see zero scenario where gurley sits week 16 but i could see a light workload vs hapless cardinals team. i could see gurley getting 80 yards and a td by the half rams lead by 17 at half and then john kelly gets all the 2nd half work (or most of it)