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  1. I'm running a free 10 team PPR league draft is tonight at 10:30est
  2. Need 1 owner for my free ESPN league. Draft is at 10:30est tonight. Put your email down below and ill send you a invite. Thanks
  3. No problem. Thanks for joining and good luck to you as well!
  4. I sent invite thru phone. If it doesn’t work, I’ll send you another when I get home. Thanks!
  5. I need two owners for my league. It’s a league of friends and family so we take it seriously. Draft is August 31st 10:30est
  6. I got kerryon Johnson and julien Edelman. He got mike Evans... only reason I gave up Evans is because I have Way to many receivers and lack rb depth.
  7. If you haven't filled it yet I'm down. My email isn't
  8. Hey guys. I'm hosting a free IDP League on espn. I am looking for active players to fill my 10 team league. The rules are going to be basic ESPN and the draft will be September 8th at midnight eastern. Please feel free to drop your emails below and I will send an invite as soon as possible. Thanks
  9. It's ok I understand. Had that happen to me as well last week. I'll still participate. Thank you
  10. Hello. I'm looking to join any league that's drafting tonight. I don't care about the settings as long as it's free. Thanks
  11. It won't let me in. Says league is full and draft is in progress.