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  1. Thanks. Yea, I'm definitely keeping an eye on Gordon tonight. I cringe at the thought of having to start Adams at Chicago but I may not have a choice. Anyone have an issue sitting Hill over my other 3 wrs? And should Ian Thomas get enough volume to get over his bad matchup with New Orleans?
  2. Hey guys. Injuries and matchups really have me struggling with my lineup this week. Anybody have any advice on it? QB: Cam RB: Kamara, Gordon (if he plays) WR: Hopkins, Allen FLEX: Thielen TE: Ian Thomas Bench: Mayfield Aaron Jones (bad matchup), White, Josh Adams Hill (injury scares me a little), Hamilton, Pettis Herndon (better matchup but i like thomas' target share) Any glaring swaps I need to make? Thanks!
  3. I'd probably be a little hesitant on Michel also. Maybe consider Pettis? He's been finding the endzone and it seems him and Mullins have a decent thing going. Thanks for mine!
  4. Thanks. I had honestly thought about sitting Hopkins but don't you feel his matchup is a little too good to pass up? I may be wrong, but haven't the Jets have been pretty generous to receivers? I'm honestly a little worried about Hill with the injury, his matchup, and I hate thursday night games. But with his ability to take it to the house any time he touches the ball, he's hard to sit. I got yours BTW. Thanks! Any other opinions?
  5. I'd probably go with Allen. Decent matchup and as others have said, his rushing floor is outstanding. Thanks for getting mine!
  6. So who's the odd man out? I need 3 of these 4 in my standard scoring league: Hopkins @ Jets Allen @ KC Thielen vs. Miami Hill vs. Chargers Since it's looking like Hill will play now, I'm leaning toward sitting Thielen, but his matchup is awfully juicy so I'm not sure. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. Yea, I'm hoping I dont get down to having to start williams. I considered dropping Trequan since he is so boom or bust, but as soon as I do he'll be all boom though! Thanks.
  8. Hey guys. First off, here's my team now: QB: Cam, Mayfield RB: Kamara, A. Jones, Gordon, Adams, White, Damien Williams WR: Hill, Thielen, Allen, Hopkins, Trequan Smith, Pettis TE: Herndon (just lost Olsen) Prater, Denver, Baltimore I'm looking to pick up another te but theres not much available. I'm between Ian Thomas, Dan Arnold, Vannett, or Seals-Jones. I'm leaning Thomas but not sure who to drop between Pettis, Williams, and Smith. Any advice? Thanks!
  9. I know this looks like a totally random post but I swear somebody asked me how I ended up with Kamara, Hopkins, and Gordon. Not sure where it went. Or maybe my wife's suspicions are correct and I'm actually losing my mind.
  10. 12 man keeper league. I kept Kamara. Traded Bell and Sanders for Hopkins and White. And traded Conner, Graham, and John Brown for Gordon, Olsen, and LeFell (dropped him for a backup QB). I made these trades before Bell decided he didnt want to play. Didnt want that headache in the playoffs.
  11. I would probably do that. You're loaded at rb. Barring injury, probably wouldn't be playing Mack.
  12. I picked him up around week 7 I believe when he was getting ready to be eligible to come off the pup. Cant remember which nobody I dropped for him but at the time, Miller was playing like, well, Miller so I figured it couldn't hurt. But now it's looking like he's even more of wasted bench space than before. Thanks guys!
  13. That's pretty much where I'm at with it. I know one guy was mad I picked up Foreman when I did. Said he was giving it one more week. I think I'll drop him for Denver. Just cant stand the thought of that guy picking Foreman up next week (I'm sure he will) and having him blow up in the playoffs, possibly against me! Thanks.
  14. Hey guys. I see he's back from the pup list and would have to be activated by the first week of the playoffs. I've had him stashed for a few weeks now but I'm not sure he'll make an impact in the playoffs and with my other backs (Kamara, Gordon, Jones, White, McGuire, Adams) I'd likely not play him barring injury. Should I drop him for Denvers D with their great playoff schedule? I currently have Baltimore and theirs is a little rough. Thanks!