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  1. Every Pats RB got a ~20% snap count (even JJ Taylor got 11%) and showed absolutely nothing. Harris will at least get a crack at the job and easily worth a hold
  2. Don't forget about Pats playoff legend Danny Amendola and Danny Woodhead!
  3. He played more snaps than Sanders, but the majority of them was to block
  4. Gallup should've had a much bigger line if not for the pass interferences. Lamb looked good and Cooper was a target hog. Hope for better days..
  5. Don’t forget all star break is coming up where you pretty much lump 2 weeks of games into 1 week, so it helps for those stashing
  6. Bruh how is there no thread for him? I doubted him this week, but if we make it to championship week, he will in a lot of championship lineups. Winston is hot and Perriman looks like a favorite of his post-Mike Evans.
  7. I wouldn’t get cute this late in the season
  8. Envious of all those Miles Sanders and Boston freaking Scott chunk checkdowns.. luckily he plays Miami next week
  9. 8 targets on 55 snaps.. worth a flier since Stills receives such low volume when he starts and Fuller is out.
  10. Ingram vs. Bills. Snell vs. Cardinals. Snell has the better match up and volume. But Ingram is proven production. Tough decision.. who you going with?
  11. With Hooper and Julio in the line up, he's been safe for at least 7 targets. Plenty enough to make an impact
  12. Surprised he hasn't been talked about much this week and pretty low on consensus rankings. He's been average in his career vs Seattle, but this has the makings of a shootout. We know Goff struggles vs the pass rush, but Seattle is graded as middle of the pack even with Clowney. Big divisional game, high game total, and Rams slight home favorites. Sleeping on him!
  13. Every time he plays, the Colts make a conscious effort to get him the ball. He was hovering around 60% snap count week 9, we should expect around the same ROS. Definitely a home run hitter at WR.
  14. Revenge game baby, you know he wants to make a statement.
  15. He played a steady 83% of snaps in week 13 and had a pretty good block on that Guice run. They obviously like him as the possession receiver to Terry's deep threat. He's not the worst deep league filler depending on the size.
  16. Indy is a bend but don't break defense, but Tannehill's Titans just put up 31 points. Even then, I'm not trusting him this week. Week 15 and 16, he's a must start.
  17. Idk where these steals are coming from ..but I like it
  18. Winston has reverse home/away splits this season. Home: 58.8% completion, 8 TD, 15 INT Away: 61.4% completion, 14 TD, 5 INT The game is currently tied for the 2nd highest total. We can only hope Brisset doesn’t suck like Foles did and make it competitive.
  19. why do you say that? White on Cooper and his bum knee. It should be a Cobb game coming out of the slot. Snap % worries me, so hopefully Buffalo puts up some points.
  20. This would be the only week in consideration since it’s in Foxboro. I see a potential shootout or a similar game to the one he had vs NO. Gonna be a tough decision.
  21. Anyone sitting him this week? Average over/under with potential to rain. I’m leaning Foles.
  22. Steelers better be sending someone for Kaepernick’s workout!
  23. I’m rolling with him in my 16 man league where the WR market is barren. Wentz alluded to their strong connection and his knowledge of the playbook in a interview yesterday and he should see immediate slot snaps. Small revenge narrative against the Patriots who cut him last summer as well.