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  1. On 9/19/2018 at 5:53 PM, 10giz said:

    I keep seing this stat that he's averaging 99.6 yards over his last 6 games.


    Can anybody who's actually seen at least a few of them speak on the type of continuity he's been showing?


    Simply a case of being fed targets or is this guy creating things out there?




    Watch his YouTube highlights vs the Texans last year and that will show the epitome of who he is. He just has a way of getting open and adjusting to catch Bortles’ passes. Bortles clearly trusts him.

  2. 6 hours ago, bgar15 said:


    I have the exact same feeling but unfortunately I may still take the chance give him the nod over Russell Wilson.


    But at the same time, I tend to believe in Vegas and the fact the over/under is 54.5 makes me very comfortable starting him.


    I'm doing the same against a much improved Dallas D. Russ starts against Cardinals and depending on how Fitzpatrick does/Baldwin return, it's a toss up week 5.

  3. This is a 25 return yards/1 point league.


    While I'm not afraid that Fitz won't force the ball to Evans, he has a tough match up against Lattimore. Last year, Lattimore definitely got the best of him.

    Lockett looks like he has a safe floor since he'll be returning kicks and punts. He'll also be facing Bradley Roby, with banged up Doug Baldwin against Chris Harris.


    Thoughts? Thanks!