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  1. Hey all, My league is still a few months away from having to claim our keepers, but I am curious for thoughts currently. I'll revisit this closer towards the season. It is a 10 team .5 ppr keeper league. Entering our second year, so first time we get to claim keepers. You can keep up to three, but can't keep a 1st or 2nd round drafted player. This year, players cost the original drafted round. Keeping a player 2 or more years escalates the cost. Here are the players I am thinking about keeping, and their cost. Know that if I kept two players with a 12th cost, one would cost a 12th and one an 11th. Also only listed players I would actually want to keep DJ Chark - 12th Singletary - 12th Waller - 12th Jacobs - 4th Carson - 3rd Penny - 8th (would go to my IR) Thanks!
  2. Just got eliminated from the playoffs in my keeper league. Honestly, I'd have been out next week anyway since I have both Evans AND Chark...First year of the league and first year I've ever done a keeper league. We are able to keep 3 keepers and since this is the first year, keepers cost an original round draft pick. We can't keep 1st or 2nd rounders. The compound cost each year is that the keeper cost goes up half the previous year's draft cost. Meaning keeping a 10th rounder this year will cost a 5th rounder in year 2 (5 is half of 10). This makes waiver gems actually cost something in years 2 and 3 vs just increasing the cost 1 round each year. So for those of you who have played keeper leagues before, what has been your experience as to the most valuable positions to hold onto? My initial thought is to focus on RBs and WRs in the lower draft value range. A) TO keep them longer at less of a draft pick hit and (B) because you can stream QBs and TEs well. Below is my roster and those in bold are the ones I'm thinking about keeping. I'll have to limit it to 3 by next summer. BTW - Waiver pickups cost 12th rnd and if you keep multiple wiavers it just increases the other waivers by 1 rnd (1st waiver = 12th, 2nd waiver = 11th). I'm keeping Jacobs for SURE, so I have 2 more spots to keep 2 of Singletary, Penny, Chark and Waller. I'm leaning Chark and Singletary at the moment. QB - WIlson (10th Rnd) RB - Zeke (not eligible to keep) RB - Carson (3rd) RB - Jacobs (4th) RB - Singletary (12th) RB - Penny (8th) WR - Julio (not eligible to keep) WR - Evans (not eligible to keep) WR - Chark (12th) TE - Waller (12th) ALSO - We don't name our waivers until 1 week before the season starts, so a lot can change. If Carson hits IR for the year for example, Penny is an instant keep. Just trying to get strategy to plan around in the off season.
  3. I vote for Penny for the boom potential but if you need a stable floor I vote Higbee. Help with mine?
  4. I would say Penny. Hawks fan here, something is off with Lockett. Help with mine?
  5. The Seahawks are not great against TEs. I lean Higbee. Help with mine?
  6. So, I'm currently 10 pts behind in my matchup with Wilson and one of either Carson or Penny to go. My opponent has the Rams Kicker and Saquan to play still. Do I play Carson or Penny? Carson seems like the safe choice but I need points, Penny has outscored him two weeks in a row and to me seems like the bigger boom potential. Right now I'm projected to lose by 3 points. Thoughts? WHIR!
  7. This is for next week to be clear, if I'm reading right. I like TB for that one.
  8. Tough, I like Mixon, Chark or Drake over Guice this week. Thanks for mine!
  9. IF you feel you need consistency I think Washington is your play this week. Mine is similar, help?
  10. So I've got 60 minutes to make this decision: 10 Team .5 PPR. My team currently is as follows, player I'm questioning is bold: QB - WIlson RB - Zeke & Carson WR - Julio & Evans TE - Waller Flex - Singletary Flex - Chark Bench: Mattison, Penny, L. Murray, J. Jacobs, Pollard I am not a fan of Chark this week, but he IS the teams #1. I am benching Jacobs because of current reports and if he is a late start and gets injured I'm screwed. Singletarry has the safer floor than him this week, I believe. This being said, I have a waiver in for BOTH Bilal Powell and James Washington. So my question is this: Would you start Powell or Washington over Chark this week? OR would you also play Penny alongside Carson (WOuld mean 3 Hawks are playing, don't like that). Trying to figure out what the safest floor is for that final flex position. WHIR always!
  11. Snell for sure and one of either Robby A or Chark. Thanks for mine!
  12. Winston and Jeffery for me. I can see Oak. getting blown out and Henry finishing the game off. Winston is always good for two interceptions and then an amazing day to save himself. Thanks for mine!