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  1. I say Moore and Boyd for a floor, Moore and Swift for ceiling.
  2. I just have a hard time playing Chark and J Rob, and J Rob has been way more consistent.
  3. I wouldn't. You can find a TE to stream most likely, what about streaming QBs? I just would hate to give up Gibson. Help with mine?
  4. .5 PPR 10 Team. I should win this week, stronger team than my opponent, but with Mixon out I need to pivot. I have Cam at QB who just does not feel safe. I could pick up Stafford and then play Swift in Mixon's spot. I realize Swift isn't safe, but he has been the passing back all year. If Atl gets up on the Lions, he likely will be in. If not, he got more carries than AP last week. May not be safe for a blow up game, but I feel his floor is reasonably safe. Thoughts? Rest of my team is below, if you wouldn't play swift, who would you play? QB - Stafford or Cam RB - Jacobs RB - J Rob WR - DK WR - Claypool (also have a hard time benching this kid right now, so freaking on fire) TE - Hunter Flex - Swift Flex - Montgomery Bench: Kelley, Woods, Moore, Chark, Penny (IR) Mixon (Out) WHIR
  5. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Fuller for me. I just trust his consistency more this year with his usage, and from a health perspective, they are both injured what feels like a lot , so a wash there. Help with mine?
  6. 10 Team .5 PPR, 4-2, favored to win with my current lineup, but I have some adjustments to make because Mixon is likely out. Lineup is below, and my rationale for having those players in: QB - Currently Cam, I'm thinking of pivoting to Stafford for a more consistent floor RB - Jacobs - always in RB - Mixon - likely out WR - DK (must start) WR - Claypool (I just don't see how I bench him even with Diontae coming back) TE - Hunter Henry Flex - J. Rob (I like running 4 RBs for a more consistent floor if I can, and he is the main stay in their offense) Flex - Montgomery (Like JRob, he is the focal offensive point) Bench: DJ Moore, Chark, Woods, Kelley, Swift My thought with Mixon likely out is to get stafford and stack with Swift. Maybe a pipe dream, and he would be my one player that I'm hitting on a blow up, rather than trustworthy floor. But he evenly split carries with AP, and has been the passing down back all year. Going against the Falcons, could be a shoot out where he is in regardless. I don't like Chark currently and don't trust the Jags enough to play two of their players.I could argue removing J Rob and putting in one of Moore or Woods, but again I really like J Robs consistency. I COULD take mixon out, put J Rob as my #2 RB, and then play one of Moore/Woods and go 3 rb 3 wr. Or I could stick with my Swift Stafford stack plan above. Thoughts? WHIR
  7. not a trade in your favor. You can stream a QB just fine.
  8. I think you prioritize Scott then Gio in the order of likelihood to be needed. And hope Mixon is good to go. Help with mine?
  9. Hell yes to the Allen/Brown side. Help with mine?
  10. I'd do CEH & Waller if I had to trade, but I don't know that I want to buy into CEH with Bell coming in this week. That is a HUGE unknown. At least with Jacobs you know who the man is there. Help with mine?
  11. 10 Team .5 PPR 3 Keeper League, currently 4-2. Two of my wins have been due to underperforming opponents, so not feeling super secure despite a good record. Below is my roster with the keeper rnd cost for next year. N/A means that player can't be kept, we don't allow keeping players drafted 1-2 rounds the previous year. QB - Newton (12) RBs - Jacobs (2), Mixon (N/A), J. Rob (12), Swift (6), Penny (14), Montgomery (6), Perine (12) WRs - DK (7), Chark (6), Moore (3), Woods (5), Claypool (12) TE - Engram (dropping) To me, obvious keepers are DK...and thats it. I'm intrigued by keeping Swift if AP leaves and Claypool if JuJu leaves. So I'm hesitant to trade those three, and hesitant to trade Jacobs as he is my RB 1 currently. Thoughts on doing anything? WHIR
  12. Another for Anderson. Nearly the same situation for mine, help?
  13. .5 PPR. DO I play Chark or Moore in my flex? Chark has the better matchup, but has a bad ankle all week, may be a decoy. Moore is the #2, but Robby A. may get the most defense. Thoughts? WHIR!
  14. Feels like win now vs win later...meaning Chubb = win later when he actually comes back. Clearly the highest upside is the Chark side, right now, until Akers comes back at least.
  15. I would drop Fitzmagic. No need to carry three QBs in a one QB league. Help with mine?