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  1. I'm actually playing him this week cause my opponent is stacked with Cooper & T.Hill, Gurley AND kamara . Yeah, Sanders went down for me, and Gordon is out, so I'm swinging for the fences. Anyone know if whether will make this a run run run game? This is the only thing that scares me cause I have onions that could make a crowd cry
  2. Chubbs always unless it's Baltimore. And Cooks is solid, even against Chicago. Only thing that could hinder him is weather if it snows. Check the weather forecasts. If snowing, then go with my main main Diggs
  3. Smh, neither do people that evolve from a tuna fish, so where does that leave us? As far as this question is concerned, this is where FF can be the most fun. Believe it or not, you're not playing God or you'd already have lost before you started. You're playing a dude who's players might have their worst week of their season playing you or may get injured or get TDs vultured, etc. So here is what you must do ......SCOUR THE WAIVERS AND SWING FOR THE FENCES! All the spots in your lineup that doesn't have big blow out potential, find a waiver lotto ticket (Zay Jones, Josh Allen, Jaylen Samuels (plugged in as your TE), Lions D vs Arz) Make it happen, cap'n. Most importantly of all HAVE FRIGGIN FUN WATCHING THE GAMES AND CURSING AND CHEERING AT THE TV!
  4. Lamar Jackson all day with that .5 scoring system. They've been WINNING with Lamar. Why switch up?
  5. Easy question. Start Samuel. He's been pretty productive and will get better with Olsen out
  6. Arizona does suck soooo bad.......have a little fun and go against the grain. Start Lions
  7. Oh nvm. Put Gronk in and start Samuels in flex. Problem solved
  8. Wooow. This is a good question. Believe it or not, I'm going with Samuels on that. He's the safer play imo. I have him too but my TE is Kelce, lol
  9. Only one argument. Bills might do so good, that they don't have to use him that much. Just ground and pound and pound some more. Will get you at least 15 pts minimum for floor. Have fun with him. I put in Zay Jones over Pettis and Lockett. Bills look like free fantasy cash this week
  10. Yooo....you can't pick up anyone off the waivers to replace Davis? He's such a fluky guy and it's playoffs, so only a few games left. I would try to pick up some gold off the waiver. Zay Jones is gonna feast this week.
  11. Vikings very hard to throw on. Pettis has the better matchup playing against an injured Denver secondary. Even with Goodwin back, Pettis will get his opportunities
  12. McCoy is gonna have one of his best games this week playing at home vs a terrible Jets Defense. Plug him in and don't look back
  13. Man, as long as Cousins has Thielen and Diggs, I'd go with them over Mayfield. Seahawks D aint scary and should be a fun game to watch cause Russ seems to always find a way to score. Mayfield will throw some yardage but expect most of Browns TDs to come from Chubb
  14. Luck scared the crap out of me last week to the point I picked up Mitch against what should be a shootout with the Rams. All the experts say Luck's a bounce back candidate, but I want to hear from the people. What do the streets say? Leave a link. WHIR
  15. There are 2 Samuels. I was talking about Jaylen Samuels the RB/TE for Pittsburgh, not the WR for Panthers