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  1. I have been playing FF since college in the 90s when we had to check the newspaper for scores LOL. Been in all types of leagues. I prefer My fantasy League, dynasty, but also willing to do Yahoo redraft or maybe Keeper depending on keepers involved unless brand new. Looking for a money league, usually play in leagues $75-100 entry fee. Prefer standard league with PPR. Can draft any night this week. I take it seriously and have been in one league for 25 years. The only reason I'm looking for another is the com. quit the other one I was in and it fell apart. Just let me know. Be warned I have won 3 titles in 2 years in the 2 leagues I was in LOL. Only want a serious, but fun league that is going to last. Greg
  2. Me and a few buddies have been doing FF since the basements days. We are super competitive and keep up with it. I was getting ready to start the same type post, but saw yours. We use Myfantasyleague, have you ever tried it? Not sure about fantrax. Would you be willing to use MFL? I have played on a ton of different formats and its the best. Its a piad site also. What's your buy in? It's me and 2 of my buddies and we have played since 1998 in the basement in college using newspapers to score LOL.