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  1. I feel like Drake could go off or flop, but Hollywood is that type of player also and Jackson hasn't been as sharp as last year. If Drake gets his normal 18 carries against the Cowboys I don't see how he fails. If he does that's it for me. Having Murray stealing tds left and right inside the 5 does suck, but at least Drake salvaged last week with a score. I have been targeting Dallas, ATL and the Jets D with players all season. You could also throw in SEA. Most these games are in the 30s and a lot of FF pts to go around. That's the only reason I feel ok with Drake this week is because I think Drake and Edmonds can both have solid days together. I'm hoping Drake scoring against the lowly Jets last week gets him going and he takes it to the house against another bad defense.
  2. I hate to say it, but I feel like I have to trot Drake out there again due to playing Dallas. They haven't been stopping anyone and now have Dalton at QB. I know it's risky and Edmonds is getting touches, but ARZ still seems to want to give Drake the bulk of the carries and he did score last week. I don't feel great about it, but Dallas on defense has made a lot of guys look great this year.
  3. Isn't he already in KC and a physical away from being a chef? That's what I thought I heard earlier. Done deal. Is it not?
  4. I don't think some get that the Jets will be paying for Bell this year and he will be paying for the league min. where ever he goes. Therefore it's more of where Bell wants to go not who wants him the most. With money not involved I would imagine he goes where he can have a shot at being the man to build up his potential contract for 2021 and a contender. Of course he could go to a place like Miami that isn't a contender, but that he is comfortable with and thinks he can be happy there long term. Chicago and the Bills should be knocking down his door, but since these things rarely go as expected hence the Jets who knows where he ends up. KC seems to cover Bells needs and their own. I mean if Reid would bring in broke down Shady then it's fair to think he would bring in Bell. I think this may take a few days because of 6 or so teams wanting Bell.
  5. Bears make the most sense, Montgomery isn't scaring anyone off and Cohen is out. KC is a injured rookie away from trouble in the backfield and if they would bring in washed up McCoy why not Bell. Singletary didn't look to hot tonight. In order I would think Chicago, KC, Buffalo, but don't count out ARZ. I think the rb coach there was his in Pitt. For those discounting Bell I don't think you understand how much of a specific runner he is. He has his own style and is a patient runner waiting for holes to open. You can't do that on the **** Jets because its a gang rush at the snap. However they could have used him in the receiving game as he is a great receiver and even lined up outside and in the slot in Pitt, but Gase didn't and Bell had 1 catch yesterday. For those thinking Bell won't get signed LMFAO. Freeman got signed, I think there will be at least 6+ teams look at him hard. I think he's on his new team sometime this week. I would think he wants a contender where he can play now. Chicago would be perfect. Hell, even Baltimore would work. Ingram is washed up, Gus isn't scaring anyone off and the rookie doesn't get that much action.
  6. Freeman got signed, Bell won't last long. I really think the Bears makes the most sense and is a place where he could get 15+ touches.
  7. Free at last, free at last. Gase and the Jets are so horrible. How Gase still has a job is amazing to me. He took a RB that was one of the best receivers in the NFL and didn't even use him in the passing game. I would love to see Bell in Chicago. They loss Cohen and Montgomery seems to struggle. I think Bell would be a huge upgrade for the Bears and they have a shot at the playoffs this year.
  8. The Steelers are the best D in football in my opinion, but I would look at the schedule, especially for playoffs.
  9. The Giants aren't great at corner on the second receiver. Dak should be able to pick them apart with Gallup on the outside with Cooper getting most the attention. Like others have mentioned Danny Dimes has weapons and has played elite defenses which Dallas is miles from so this will be a game. I could see Dallas over them something like 34-24. I'm thinking of using Gallup in my flex over McKinnon and Bell and I really like McKinnon, but I think Gallup could have a game like a few weeks ago where he went off.
  10. They have given up the 6th most fantasy points to RBs this season. I will always take top 10 and they are just out of the top 5.
  11. I want to bench Drake after last weeks debacle, but it's the Jets. [...] If he doesn't do it against the Jets then I will have lost all faith. [...] If I start Drake and he bust again then I deserve to lose with good options on the bench. It's the Jets. I keep telling myself that. Surely that's enough to get him goin. Also agree they aren't stretching the field, but instead throwing 2-3 yd passes to Hop and then when they get close Murray steals the rushing TD. I think last week Drake ran zero routes so of course Edmonds who ran double digit routes is going to look better. I just don't get why they won't dump off to Drake. He's a decent receiver, but gets no targets.
  12. I like this guy and am fed up with Gonzalez. He's supposed to be a top kicker, but has screwed me too many times. That 3 last week is enough to be fired for and I don't even think it's full his fault, but more of how ARZ is on offense. I'm in a 14 team league so pickens are slim. I was going to pick up Carlson or Bullock, but both are in tough matchups. Someone grabbed Goto. Gonzalez does get the Jets, but that could just mean a lot of extra points. I'm leaning towards Koo and have been keeping an eye on him and sounds like he's ok. He's the best kicker in my league to get dropped so far [...]
  13. With all the injuries they have I just don't see them giving Mosert too much the first week back off a knee injury if he plays at all. He had a limited practice today. At worse I think it's a 50/50 split and I love McKinnon this week against Miami. I'm thinking of taking him out of my flex [...], but as soon as I do he will have a field day with the Jets. Either way I'm going to get McKinnon into my lineup, dude has scored double digit fantasy pts every week even when Mosert was at full strength.
  14. Flaco for sure helps and will look to get the ball to Bell in space where he is most dangerous in check downs. Darnold always takes off or presses the ball downfield. If Bell is fully healthy and Gase gives him what he has given old man Gore 21 carries in a negative game script I feel decent that Bell could have 60-70yds on the ground and maybe catch 3-5 passes for another 40yds, but that's a lot of ifs. Gase seems to always cap Bell at about 12-15 carries yet gives Gore tons even when they are getting blow out. Makes zero sense, but it's the Jets. I wish Bell could get out of there or Gase.
  15. Not a peep in the news about Bell today. He's still on IR so not sure if I use my 1 wavier spot or not. I figured he would be back so I can't pick anyone up, but thought he would be taken off of IR today. I think he is back this week, but with Gase and the Jets who knows. What a nightmare franchise.
  16. If Gase would just get out of Bells way I think he would be fine. During his IR Gase has given Gore 21 carries in blowout losses, that never happens with Bell as they just abandon the run. At Pitt Bell was like getting a free rec on top of being a back, but Gase doesn't use him properly. They could line him up in the slot, move him around, but Gase is horrible. I also feel like when Darnold is in there he rarely looks Bells way in the passing game, but a year ago when the backup was in Bell starting getting more passes and then when Darnold came back it disappeared. I like the idea of Flaco checking down to Bell. They need to just get Bell into space a few times a game and give him a chance. Bell might not be what he once was, but he isn't as bad as he has shown as a jet. He has to be one of the most mismanaged players I have seen in a while. I almost feel like Gase doesn't want him to succeed. Well, for 3 weeks all the other backs got their shots and some got plenty of carries like Gore and did nothing. I was hoping to hear Bell was off IR and practicing today so I can make moves and know if I should use a wavier or not, but haven't seen anything and yahoo took his projection points from 13+ to 0. I am ready to bench Drake so I hope Bell is cleared. I also really hope Gase gets fired soon he is the absolute worse.
  17. If Fuller makes it 3 straight games from here out I will be shocked. Cooks started the year with a quad injury and his game s speed. With Hop gone and Cooks doing well everywhere except for last year when noddle arm Goff couldn't get the ball deep to him or he got dragged down for PI. DW hasn't looked great, but look at the schedule plus first year for Cooks there. I think eventually he is the #1 there.
  18. You never know, but as a guy that has owned this guy in a keeper league as a rookie he rarely practiced with HOU. For example I think last year he was Q from week 2-3 on. The first few times I sweated it out, but then he would be out there like nothing was wrong and killing it. The Game time decesion is a little different, but new team so maybe Hop is just breaking them in to the fact he doesn't need practice. Dude has missed 2 games in his entire career and looked fine throughout the entire game last week so I think it's the same old same old and he will be listed as Q the rest of the season.
  19. I have been playing FF since college in the 90s when we had to check the newspaper for scores LOL. Been in all types of leagues. I prefer My fantasy League, dynasty, but also willing to do Yahoo redraft or maybe Keeper depending on keepers involved unless brand new. Looking for a money league, usually play in leagues $75-100 entry fee. Prefer standard league with PPR. Can draft any night this week. I take it seriously and have been in one league for 25 years. The only reason I'm looking for another is the com. quit the other one I was in and it fell apart. Just let me know. Be warned I have won 3 titles in 2 years in the 2 leagues I was in LOL. Only want a serious, but fun league that is going to last. Greg
  20. Me and a few buddies have been doing FF since the basements days. We are super competitive and keep up with it. I was getting ready to start the same type post, but saw yours. We use Myfantasyleague, have you ever tried it? Not sure about fantrax. Would you be willing to use MFL? I have played on a ton of different formats and its the best. Its a piad site also. What's your buy in? It's me and 2 of my buddies and we have played since 1998 in the basement in college using newspapers to score LOL.