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  2. 50 dollar buy in, 5 of 12 win money tho
  3. 50 dollar Yahoo cash official leauge, 5 of 12 will win money 10 of 12 are in, you have about 30 minutes to get in If you , must pay as you enter or your team will be deleted Fun style, hope some of you pop in
  4. Really cool leauge, got a couple more stat categories And a bit more starting slots than most If you get in, must pay as you enter, we have 8 of 12 in right now Draft is 8 pm est
  5. Is this some kind of roster restrictive league? How many teams in your league? How many starting slots, bench slots, and rb and or various flex spots. I say no based on what you present. Remember the Giants are one of the worst teams, Saquon is honestly in my perspective the most physically talented rb in the history of the game. His prognosis is 4 to 8 weeks, probably it goes 8 full weeks before he is brought back, why risk hurting and risking his prospects for years forward. Also if he comes back say week 10 or 11, he probably is eased back in the first game, so now you hope by week 11 or 12 he is good. Also if the Giants are like 1-10 or 2-9 or even 3 and 8, and I think they will have that type of record, even if you bring him back, If I am the GM or Owner or Coach, I would feel stupid to give him a 20 plus touch load. Now they may do that, a lot of team do stupid things. so keep Fournette unless you think for sure Saquon is back closer to the 4 week range. But yeah, really wanting to know why you can only get 3 rbs on your roster. I commish pay leagues on Yahoo and I like having larger rosters and decent bench slots and various flex spots for position flexibility. DasRy
  6. You know it's funny, out of my 7 teams, I have Fournette already on 2, and because his stats have been meh, not awful and not that outstanding either, I did assuming, but I looked at the game log and he is catching more balls 3 weeks in so far in terms of per game. So helps make the call easier, excellent post, I agree with all of it. I really like Minshew, I think Foles is a very good QB, but I think Minshew will play so well that he will keep the job when Foles is back. This is no overachieving backup having a few good games. As awesome as he was week 1, I really am going off week 2 and 3 when teams have seen him and are starting to get film, and he is playing easily above average each game. He is going to get better as seasons goes on too, he seems to have the talent to be a good NFL starter at QB. Guy is a rookie I think, he will also bring non Jacksonville area people to Jaquars football in some form.
  7. I have a multiplayer trade offer, 2 from the smae team 1 package involves me getting back Ekeler and others Another package involves me getting back Fournette and others On the surface, Fournette seems the better guy to have. He is the clear lead back in Jacksonville and Ekeler will get less touches wtih Melvin Gordon returning. But this is a PPR leauge, and Fournette is barely catching balls this year and has had like 3 straight 60 yards rushing games. Ekeler will be a backup 3rd rb type, but even last year as a backup to Gordon he was productive and Ekeler seems like he will still get 3 to 5 catches a game and 8 to 14 rushes a game. So for rest of the year in a PPR leauge, who would you rather have?
  8. Me too, I want to see fournette get going, he seems like a guy he should be getting 70 yards at least each week but I wish he could get more catches
  9. I am plugging in Ekeler Clearly Saquon starts For the 2nd rb slot this week I go Ekeler because its a PPR and I think Ekeler will get at least 14 points , because even if he dont have a great rushing day he catches teh ball so well Fournette could have 2 tds and 140 yards and get 25 plus point and he can also be a non factor with receptions, Jags fall behind early and he has like 14 carries for 35 yards and like 4 points so I rather have Ekeler this week, at least he's get double digit points then come week 3 reasses. I got a strong feeling on it now
  10. THE WR, unless Sony gets an injury, dude has barely any value, cheers
  11. This is not one of the leagues I commish, this is one of the leagues I do that are buddies of mine. It is a 12 man league with .5 PPR. 10 yards a point for both rushing and receiving yards. 1 bonus point for rushing and receiving yards at 125 yards 2 bonus points at 150 yards 3 bonus point at 200 yards 6 points a touchdown. My other RB starting is Saquon. Looking for candor, and good vibes to everybody
  12. See, if you only want most points, maybe Matt Breida, but John Ross I think has a bit more value. Also depends on scoring settings. Not only you, but when people simply say non PPR or .5 PPR or full PPR, I wish they would also say if the other stats are standard, or hopefully they are in more customized leauges with bonus scoring etc.... Because even with .5 PPR, depending on scoring, Breida or one of the WR's could be getting the slight most poiints. I am in a CBS Fantasy leauge with friends that has .5 PPR but the commish has 1 bonus point for rec of 20 yards or more, and 3 for 40 yards or more, so in that setup, all the 3 big play wr's are great picks , I lean John Ross, for most points. If its more boring standard not as high level scoring, then Breida slight edge. All the guys have similar value including Hockenson, who has the most upside in value due to playing TE. He could have a slight lower fantasy point total than others on here, but have better value due to being maybe a nice low end TE!. I commish 4 leagues on Yahoo but the CBS is a friends league. In my leagues, with PPR and custom scoring, probably one of the receivers best value or TJ, how many of them can you scoop. You have them on waivers? I do only 12 teams when I play, is your league 8 or 10 team? Free or Pay I am wondering now So nuance and detail, Ponder
  13. Right now I'd say both are a wash I lean Mclaurin but I will have a better grip come week 3