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  1. Hmm,It’s saying 9pm for me on my phone, I’ll double check this on the computer when I get home.
  2. 10 Team 25$ PPR league/ Drafting at 9pm CDT Wednesday 9/4/ Standard ESPN league settings/ FAAB/Leaguesafe Majority Vote Payout Table 1st 175$ 2nd 50$ 3rd 25$ If interested Email me at or leave a comment below
  3. Really sorry guys, people weren't accepting the invites and I am not going to be able to do this later than that today.everyone who is alright with doing this draft on Monday at 8pm CDT please stay in ill send a message to everyone still in as well. ;
  4. 25$ 12 team PPR snake Draft, FAAB. Standard league settings otherwise. trying to get this in under the wire and draft today at 5pm CDT. Ill post or send leaguesafe majority vote link when everyone is in. Email me at or post email below for invite. payout table 1st 200$ 2nd 75$ 3rd 25$
  5. ive sent out invites several times, who hasn't gotten one. Let me know otherwise im gona remove you and repost this to get more people
  6. perfect, at this point i will probably just post a link in the message boards or a mass email once everyone is joined up. i've gotta run to go do something real quick ill be back at 215 or so all the invites are out.
  7. i'm officially moving the draft time to 5pm hopefully we can get everyone in by then ill send out y'alls invites
  8. will do, its looking that way. only one person has joined and paid