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  1. It's a 1 point PPR league. Sorry, I should have specified that.
  2. I'd risk it with Chark ...I'm in a similar bind. Help here?
  3. Definitely Jones and Sanders.
  4. Yeah, I'm inclined to run with Mostert, but I also like Chark. I wouldn't bother with Cupp and Mack worries me due to the fact (I assume) he might be limited. Help with mine, please?
  5. I'm in the finals in my league, and unsure who to roll with for WR2 and my FLEX. We start 2 WR and 1 FLEX. WR1 is Tyreke Hill. That's a no-brainer for me. Options for WR2 include: Courtland Sutton, DJ Chark, Jamison Crowder, Dede Westbrook FLEX options include any of the aforementioned not picked for WR2, as well as: David Montgomery, Adrian Peterson,DeAndre Washington, and Mike Boone (unlikely due to the MNF match-up) I was thinking about going with Adrian Peterson as my FLEX. My RB 1 and 2 are Zeke and Henry, and my QB is Watson. I'm facing a Lamar owner and need to choose the right pieces... I'm projected to win, but one decision could make or break that. I'm unsure about my WR start. Sutton has been kind of disappointing lately, but has been my WR2 or Flex most of the season. DeAndre Washington is kind of intriguing as a Flex too... Any input? I'd appreciate any and all of the help I get before the championship... I promise to help in return, just leave me a link. I promise to help in return!! Thanks in advance!
  6. I had a horrible -7 point showing from Carolina that almost knocked me out of the playoffs, and with the wire being thin it seems like my top 2 choices are the Bucs vs. DET or the Giants vs. MIA.... not sure which way to roll here.
  7. His last two games have been positive, and at the time of the draft, Monty was going in the 3rd rounds in some... I'm not calling him a bargain, per se. But if the Bears do commit to the run he could hold some solid value ROS. It's just impossible to say with that team. Funny someone should mention Josh Jacobs... I just missed out on him, which is why I went with Monty. ah well... I have faith down the stretch, especially since it looks like the Bears are not going to be too competitive.
  8. Hope this isn't in the wrong place. If it is, please move it. Thanks. I thought it might be fun to look over my team and see who my bargain picks were and how they were doing, when I got the idea for this thread. Here's a few: 12-team snake RB Adrian Peterson (176th overall, 15th round WR DJ Chark Jr. (152nd overall, 13th round) WR Courtland Sutton (104th overall, 9th round) RB David Montgomery (56th overall, 5th round) All remain on my team since draft day. Anyone else have some success stories from their sleepers in drafts that you'd want to share?
  9. I went with Sutton forgetting about the QB situation. Could have done worse. I'm projected to blow my opponent out now, and I've got 2 players yet to play with one being Zeke. Even though it all worked out in a different way, this gives me an idea to try and package Sutton. APete with another bench gem for my team...ditto to Crowder. Guy is so inconsistent but could win you a wk alone sometmes...
  10. My opponent had Kenyan Drake starting as a fill in and he went off, so I'm now projected to lose this week by a pretty large margin. But the thing is, it could come down to just one player making a difference, and out of all of my potential flex plays which do you rate first to worst? In order if applicable, but if not, whatever... My team- QB Deshaun Watson RB1 Zeke Elliott RB2 Derrick Henry WR1 Tyreek Hill WR2 DJ Chark FLEX ??? EAGLES D/ST\ K Chris Boswell In contention for FLEX plays is a slew of players. RB David Montgomery RB Adrian Peterson RB Mark Walton WR Courtland Sutton WR Dede Westbrook WF Jamison Crowder (unlikely but he's projected over 10 points, as are the others above, so I'll include him. I'm in dire need from a big game out of one of these guys, and I'm sure I'll get it--just not necessarily in my lineup. Rank my options, if you would. Leave a link and I WHIR.
  11. 12 team head to head, I'm 6-2 and tied for 1st place. My roster currently looks like this: QB Deshuan Watson RB1 Zeke RB2 Derrick Henry* WR 1 Tyreek Hill WF 2 DJ Chark TE Zach Ertz FLEX Courtland Sutton* Defense/ST Eagles K Chase McLaughin BN: David Montgomery* Dede Westbrook Peyton Barber Jamison Crowder Adrian Peterson Mark Walton Eric Ebron *I use Montgomery at RB2 or FLEX sometimes. ---------- I really want to upgrade my TE position, but am not sure what I can send alongside Ertz to do that, and who to target for ROS value. Also, the GM with David Johnson has put him on the block. I'm interested, but he seems banged up right now..? In any case, his initial proposal was Montgomery and Henry for David Johnson. I know I have a lot of RB depth, especially with APete playing pretty well, and Walton taking the starting job. But I dunno if I should sit on my depth and let it ride, or try to acquire a really good RB to pair with Zeke. David Johnson would be nice but I don't know what his health is like moving forward. Also: Any suggestions of TEs to target? Thanks. Link a link and I'll help in return.
  12. Eric Ebron? TE is such a pit this year, but he has another nice matchup coming up and is coming off of a solid game. Pretty under-owned.
  13. I would definitely trade Kelce before CMC... just me
  14. here is more info on my team and Q you answered, if you dont mind... ,5ppr standardlg