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  1. Wow, I can't believe I almost forgot about Marlon Byrd...thank you for the memories. 😂
  2. He's intriguing only for his C eligibility. I'd be taking more notice if the season was actually on tap. Thing is, he had a great spring (so did many others), but with the pause and restart (assuming there is a season) it's less likely the hot bat just carries over. In other words. what he did in spring training is completely moot to me as it will be months before there's any game action again. I'm taking almost all of spring training with little face value due to the fact there's going to need to be some grace period for players to get ready again. Almost like a spring training 2.0. If he does it twice, then he'll have my attention. He's waiver fodder in deep 12-team leagues for now. Maybe something for AL-only to be had...
  3. Gave: Alex Presley Received: Hunter Harvey I really think Harvey takes over that closer gig in Baltimore sooner than later, and he has a lot of talent. I also have the misfortune of rostering Mychal Givens, so I thought this was a pretty good backup plan to have in place.
  4. Gave: Stephen Strasburg Received: Gleybar Torres This makes my infield look a LOT better, featuring Ketel Marte (2B--with the option to play OF too), 3B Rafael Devers, SS Marcus Semien, CI Tommy La Stella, and MI Gleybar My staff remains strong... Cole, Giolito, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Corey Kluber, Noah Syndergaard (Freddy Peralta and Corbin Burnes--dart throw picks) ...regardless I hope Gleybar continues what he was doing last season.
  5. Topic can't be much clearer... it's a roto points league. Offensive cats are Hits, Runs, Home Runs, RBI, SB, & OBP. Wasn't entirely sure who would be the better choice here... A lot of people seem high on Posey, but I haven't read anything about a sudden turnaround incoming. I also don't like to ever roster 2 catchers (unless one really rakes, and I happen to wind up with him and use him at UTL), so playing time could play a role. Thanks. Leave a link--I WHIR.
  6. Hunter Harvey out of Baltimore. RP for now, but could be a dark horse for saves and most definitely will see hold chances in the early going. "Harvey averaged over 98 mph on his fastball, and we pretty much know who Mychal Givens is at this point, so Harvey seems like the arm to own in the Baltimore bullpen even if Hyde did stop short of naming Harvey the primary closer." It sounds like he has nasty stuff and I believe he hit 100 last season in his brief stint with the big league club.
  7. I have to agree with this entirely. Not one person in my league wanted to even pony up $2. I assume his ADP is pretty damn high, and if it is, now more than ever with the season delayed am I OK with having him on my roster. Those numbers, from a #5 OF? I'll take them any day. Especially in Major League Baseball where players who can swipe you a solid amount of bags come on the premium and are at a low.
  8. I know this probably looks like I'm pulling rabbits out of a hat for this post here, but read me out... Hunter Harvey could be a sleeper for saves: Manager Brandon Hyde said Wednesday that Harvey is "definitely an option" to close this season, Craig Mish of Sportsgrid reports. "When we had [Harvey] there for that three-week span, our bullpen completely changed," Hyde said. "It was somebody that I could use in a high-leverage spot that was throwing 100 with good secondary stuff and it seemed like it kind of fell into place for everybody else and everybody threw better during the time he was there." Now I know, this doesn't mean a ton, as spring chatter can always read like this. But as the comments section goes on to point out, "Harvey averaged over 98 mph on his fastball, and we pretty much know who Mychal Givens is at this point, so Harvey seems like the arm to own in the Baltimore bullpen even if Hyde did stop short of naming Harvey the primary closer." I would imagine Givens opens the season getting the first few chances, but who actually believes he will hang onto it? As for Harvey... Pros: 1. Mychal Givens seems to be his main competition. 2. He throws 100mph and has secondary stuff. 3. He has a ringing endorsement from his manager already. Cons: 1. I realize he plays for the Orioles, which could mean there may not even be many save chances to go around. 2. He's only seen a small bit of big league action, which could mean he has to wait his turn or may even struggle at first, deterring any path to saves. 3. Mychal Givens is likely to begin the year the unspoken closer if everything holds up into whenever opening day is. Even though that likely won't last forever. Still, when I read a bit about Harvey, I was impressed. I was also surprised he didn't have a thread on here, as he could very well be the first option for saves behind Givens. I know a lot of fantasy owners chase saves, even from relievers on bad teams. But there's a chance he could wind up being a good reliever on a bad team, which can also lead to a solid amount of saves. With the way owners will chase saves, he could be worth a speculative late pick in deeper leagues. Curious if anybody else has any more insight on him.
  9. What would say you say about a team that has a staff full of #1 pitchers? Would they be safer? I'm just curious.
  10. Hi all, I'm in a league where we planned to have an IP limit of 1900, up from 1500 from last year. So I wanted to draft a great staff and not have to rely on streaming as much. As such, I had these SP after my draft: Gerritt Cole Stephen Strasburg Lucas Gioluto Hyun-Jin Ryu Noah Syndergaard Corey Kluber And the dart throws on Freddy Peralta and and Corbin Burnes, both being high strikeout guys, and assuming one gets a rotation spot... could be a steal, especially if it is Corbin and he does bounce back, or maybe Peralta breaks out. After the draft, and once news hit MLB would be delayed, I instantly realized I wouldn't even come near the IP limit of 1900 with the season opening late. So I'm wondering: does pitching lose some value now that there will possibly be less games? Does hitting become more of a desire? This is something I've thought about a lot since I heard the words July being thrown around. Does it make sense to trade some SP in lieu of this delay? Is this a good strategy? I'd love to hear what some of you think.
  11. With this virus likely shortening the season, do you guys think SP value goes below hitter value for roto leagues? (sorry if this is the wrong place to ask).
  12. thanks, guys! It's funny.The owner of Gleybar is trying to acquire Cole from me, and giving me all of these clown offers like Samardzija and Kyle Gibson for Cole, or even worse, Seth Brown and Daniel Vogelbach. I called him out and asked him to stop sending me clown offers. I don't know why in the world he'd think I'd accept them.
  13. I'm also still fairly weak at 1B..... would it be a good idea to deal even another SP for a stud 1B? I'm not sure what a potentially shortened season could mean for SP value right now...
  14. Hey, I went into the trade with a staff (and 1900 IP limit for the league, now more than likely to not even be near reached due to the likelihood of a shortened season) before this coronavirus took effect. The draft was early. My staff looked like this: Gerrit Cole Stephen Strasburg Lucas Giolito Hyun-Jin Ryu Corey Kluber Noah Syndergaard (Freddy Peralta and Corbin burnes as two wildcards) My MI position options looked like this: Willy Adams, David Fletcher, Tommy La Stella So I dealt Strasburg for Gleybar. Gleybar was a 38 HR/90+ RBI/90+ Runs guy last year, and I wouldn't expect that to change. Did I take the right strategy in giving up my #2 pitcher (it's a deep roster, 12-team league, but I went in pitching heavy before all of this news hit) for a good hitter? I feel like hitting will help more. It's also a roto league. Let me know.... also curious about opinions on SP in leagues now that there's a chance the season is shortened. Does that make them less valuable??? WHIR...thanks
  15. It's a 1 point PPR league. Sorry, I should have specified that.