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  1. That was my initial thinking as well. I don’t see Beal finishing out the season or playing lots of games. But I’m afraid I’ll for sure drop the wrong one. Smh
  2. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Are Nappier and Culver must adds with Teague gone?? My drops would be Spellman or McRae? Grab 1 or both or none?? WHIR!!
  3. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Think I want to trade for Garland but not sure who to offer or IF I really should? WHIR! Current Roster: Guards-Harden,Huerter,Ingles,Graham Lowry,Bruce Brown,Troy Brown,McRae Forwards-Spellman,PJ Washington Centers-Capela,Vucevic,Drummond WHIR!!!
  4. Ya today sucks...haha wanna start everyone!!!
  5. Troy and ingles in my Forward spots. Huerter would have to replace a SG...
  6. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Can’t start everyone tonight does Huerter or any bench make the cut? WHIR! Currently Starting: Lowry @ CHA Harden @ ATL Graham vs TOR Ingles vs NY Vucevic vs WAS Troy Brown Jr @ ORL Capela @ ATL Bench: Huerter vs HOU McRae @ ORL Pj Washington vs TOR Ish Smith @ ORL
  7. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Thinking about adding 1 of Culver,SVI,Sekou? The drop would be Crowder. Also which 2 don’t get the start today? Ish Smith vs BOS Graham vs IND Huerter vs DEN Ingles @ NO PJ Washington vs IND Troy Brown vs BOS Vucevic vs BKN McRae vs BOS WHIR!!!
  8. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Looking to add Crowder, who’s the drop? Thinking Fultz...? Troy Brown Fultz Dillon Brooks WHIR!!!
  9. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Fultz or Augustin? Currently got Fultz but Augustin available and seems to be playing better. Also should I dump Dillon Brooks for Dwight Powell?? WHIR
  10. Read Brogdon is due back tomorrow which I assume will hurt holiday?
  11. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Time to dump Brooks, Fultz, or Huerter for Aaron Holiday, Bruce Brown, Melton, Gay? Full Roster: Guards-Graham,Harden,Lowry,Dunn Troy Brown,Huerter,Brooks,Fultz,Ingles Forward/Centers-Drummond,Vucevic Capela,PJ Washington,T.Bryant(IR) WHIR
  12. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Rank these starts tonight? Dillon Brooks vs SAC Crowder vs SAC Kevin Huerter @BKN WHIR!!!
  13. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Looking to add Huerter, Who’s the drop? Josh Hart Bruce Brown (want to see what happens to Blake) Derrick Jones Jr.
  14. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Whos the better add? Derrick Jones JR Kevin Huerter WHIR
  15. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Need points,steals,blks,3ptm,ast Looking at adding Temple or Kaminsky Who’s the drop IF one, Fultz or Ingles? Rest of Roster: Guards: Lowry,Harden,Brooks,Fultz,Graham Ingles,Troy Brown,Hart Fowards: Crowder,Hachimura,Washington Centers: Capela,Drummond,Vuc,T.Bryant WHIR!