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  1. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Current Roster- Guards: Graham, Coby White, Huerter Barton, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Harden Smart, Lowry Forwards: Markkanen Centers: Collins, Mitch Rob,Turner, Vucevic Possible Adds- Shaq Harrison Shabazz Napier Derrick White Ariza Dario Saric Reddish Juancho Lyles
  2. BUMP! Will Barton now available In WW Who the Add/Drops??!! WHIR!! Baynes also in play if anyone thinks Ayton misses time?
  3. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Wendell Carter Jr is my weakest player should I drop him for PJ Washington Cam Reddish Derrick White Other possible drops Markkanen Bogdan Bogdanovic WHIR!!!
  4. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Do I drop PJ Washington for Bogdan Bogdanovic Who was recently dropped to waivers? Current Roster: Guards: Smart,White,Lowry,Graham,Huerter Harden Fowards: PJ Washington,Markkanen Centers: Vucevic,Turner,Wendell Carter Jr Mitch Rob,John Collins WHIR!!
  5. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT With Millsap back looking at dropping Jerami Grant for??? Juancho Hernangomez vs CHI Royce O’Neale @ NY Naz Reid vs CHI Kevin Porter Jr. vs BOS Ariza vs WAS This is more of a stream spot unless there is a MUST ADD here. WHIR
  6. BUMP!!! Looks like this is gonna happen! Who the targets after Collins?! WHIR!!!
  7. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Looking at trying to move Drummond,Capela,Graham,T.Bryant,Fultz for Collins,Smart,Turner,Mitch Rob WHIR!!!!!
  8. What if I could swing Drummond/Capela for Collins and either Turner/Mitch Rob or Smart? After Collins who are the best targets??
  9. Yahoo 12 team 9CAT Currently holding 1st place with just over a month to go. Thinking about trading Drummond & Capela but not sure if I should try and hold. If I trade them who would be good targets? One team interested has Guards: Smart,Beal,Ja,Dillon Brooks,Reddish Beasley,Middleton Forwards: Collins,Gallo,Giles,Warren,Turner Centers: Mitch Rob I like Collins,Turner, Smart WHIR!!!!
  10. You guys gonna make me do something crazy lol
  11. Holding in 12 teamer but have a feeling I’ll be regretting it late March when I finally drop him cause he’s shut down after being useless here out. Really hope I’m wrong though.
  12. I like both those adds as well who would be the drops though???
  13. Possible adds: Melton Reddish Bruce Brown Pj Washington