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  1. Imagine being the person that made the final call on drafting this MFer over Doncic 😂😂
  2. Coming from one of Holmes biggest fans since his Bowling Green days, his value will for sure take a hit. How big will depend on his minutes of course. Usage and everything will remain the same, so as long as he gets close to 25 minutes a game he should be decent value. It's unfortunate Bagley isn't capable of shooting the 3 consistently because if that's the case, Holmes' minutes would remain in the low 30's. I will say though that I play in a points league where minutes played is not as big a factor as traditional leagues. Each position only is allotted a certain amount of minutes each game. Ex. 96 guard, 96 forward, 48 center. So as long as he provides good points per minute, I'm not too worried
  3. Can't sell high because the hardcore fans think his value will be hurt when Bagley returns, and casuals don't really know how good he is. Love this guy though and it'd take a lot for me to move him.
  4. His numbers take a hit when he plays as the 4 instead of the 5. Henson shouldn't be playing.
  5. Bro, there's nothing wrong with just taking your L and moving on.
  6. 2nd rounder to bench warmer, to winning a title as my flex after a bunch of injuries. Thanks Jordan.
  7. League 1 (12 teams) QB - Mahomes RB - J. Williams, McGuire WR - Hill, Edelman, Reynolds TE - Engram Flex - J. Howard DEF- CHI League 2 (14 teams) QB - Mahomes RB - Drake, McGuire WR - Cooper, Hilton TE - Herndon Flex - Edelman, Coleman K - Butker DEF - CLE My league 2 team had no business of winning as I finished 7-6 in the regular season but somehow destroyed my opponents in the first 2 rounds and then won because of Butker's FG. I thought for sure I was done in league 1 by losing Hunt, Aaron Jones, Emmanuel Sanders and OJ Howard throughout the year.
  8. Shame. He essentially replaced Kareem Hunt for me down the stretch. Now I gotta roll with the snowbeast.
  9. Made the finals in 2 of 3 leagues. Common players: Mahomes Edelman Ware McGuire Emmanuel Sanders (before injury) Opponents: Breida Mahomes and Edelman made the finals in all 3 leagues I was in.
  10. Going to try to buy low on him this week.
  11. Just moved him in a package with Drake for Hunt and Watkins. It's a risk but didn't want to deal with the weekly frustration anymore. Good luck to those that still have him. He's got a couple favorable match-ups after this week so his stock could rise. I want to believe McCoy will come to his senses eventually.
  12. .5 ppr. 47 from Mahomes, Hill and Sanders. Gonna be down to final possession I feel.
  13. Don't have the snap count numbers but I watched the whole game since I'm a Bears fan. Howard was on the field during 4 of the 6 TDs scored. 3 different times the Bears were inside the 5 but he only got 1 call at the GL and of course failed. Pretty much all his carries were in the late 3rd and 4th quarters when the Bucs knew the Bears were running. On the 2nd TD in the 1st he was open and may have scored but Trubisky threw a great pass to Robinson. I think in weeks prior Mitch may have checked down to Howard in that situation. Clearly he's seeing the field better so that's great as a Bears fan. One thing I noticed in this game compared to previous games is that the Bears threw more with Howard on the field and ran more when Cohen was in. Maybe Nagy saw that they had been a little predictable in weeks 1-3 (wishful thinking?). As someone who was big on Howard this year the usage/production is definitely concerning. I think expectations should be tempered for sure. I went in thinking he'd be low-end RB1 with some upside in a high-scoring offense. I've settled on him being a mid RB2. Sky isn't falling, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed as someone who picked him at 22.