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  1. As I've previously said, RB2 numbers no matter the matchup just because of volume. If you're expecting anything more, you're going to be disappointed.
  2. Very happy to have him in dynasty. Stud.
  3. Was due for a clunker. It'll happen with him 2-3 games this year. Not worried.
  4. Target share dipping vs Green is concerning, but production isn't. Easy top 30 WR ROS.
  5. I regret picking up Dillon to stash and not him. If Coleman isn't back, he's definitely worth the start next week. I'm not sure on the ROS value because of the way Shanny rotates his RBs, but for the next week he's at minimum a Flex.
  6. Bears fan here. They don't shadow. Both Kyle Fuller and Jaylon Johnson (rookie) stick to their side. The Panthers picked on whoever Johnson was covering last week. Prior to last week, Johnson had been playing extremely well, so I'm curious to see how he rebounds.
  7. Still think he's back next Thursday, but it's slightly worrisome he hasn't practiced yet.
  8. He is who he is. A volume based RB2 regardless of good or bad matchup. This was a smash spot and he did what he typically does. Was stopped 1/3 of a yard short of a TD today before Foles snuck it in. As previously mentioned, it's a combination of Nagy, bad OL and Montgomery himself.
  9. They've been taking deep shots since week 3 with him and they finally connected. Hopefully benching him won't come back to bite me.
  10. He's the perfect starter in a 3 WR league when your players are on bye with potential for more as the year progresses. I love him in dynasty.
  11. Nationally there seems to be a 50/50 split on whether he is good or not. I will say most Bears fans lean on the side of good. Problem is/always has been bad OL and playcalling. No one can argue volume however, and that makes him a minimum RB2 any week.
  12. Quite low imo. I still forsee this as 85/15 at worst for CMC. I see this somewhat similarly to DeAngelo Williams/LeVeon Bell 2016. Davis has been more efficient than Williams, but I can't see him getting more than 6-8 touches per game. Maybe I'll be wrong. CMC would still produce RB1 numbers at 50/50. In fact if you just halved his points last year in a .5 ppr, he's still RB13 lol. I'd imagine in a full ppr he's RB10 or higher.
  13. Doubt they bring him back next week because it's followed by a Thursday game. I think he's back week 8 as that will give him 10 days to rest after the game.
  14. I'm likely rolling him out as my 3rd WR this week. Think this game against the Bills has a chance to be similar to the Chiefs Rams game in 2018 in terms of scoring.
  15. I've held him this far due to that schedule. While the issues are still there, he's been much more productive lately despite the tough matchups due to rushing. If that continues he can be a back-end QB1 during that stretch.