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  1. Mahomes put up average numbers so couldn't take advantage of opponent's below average totals for Kelce and Chargers kicker. Also, I dropped Mike Williams on Wednesday for a kicker i'm not even going to use and dropped Damien Williams two weeks ago
  2. Hmmm, now that No crow may start over Sony or Dixon. Decisions Decisions. RB2 spot has sucked this year
  3. I usually don't trust Brady in the playoffs (i've owned him a lot) but you need to air it out to beat Pitt so i don't expect a stinker from him. That being said, i'm expecting that cheifs/chargers game to be a shootout and would go with Rivers.
  4. Yac attack. Someone in my league actually benched him last week for Samuel. Crazinees.
  5. I'll be doing the same thing since i've been getting burned at the flex spot. For what its worth, Pittsburgh is really bad against TE and Gronk killed them in week 15 last season.
  6. I'll give this a shot. Here's 25 i'd take ahead of Sony: Gurley, Barkley, Zeek, Bell, Kamara, CMC, Conner, Gordon, Cook, Ingram, Mixon, Chubb, Drake, Fournette, Lamar Miller, Lindsey, Carson, DJ, Cohen, Aaron Jones, McKinnon, Guice, James White, Carson, Whoever is starting for the Chiefs
  7. I'm leaning towards starting him over Sony. YOLO
  8. 1/2 point PPR. Michel's been stinking it up lately and trying to get as many points as possible.
  9. Pitt and Denver prolly ended it for a lot of people this week.
  10. Drop city. Luckily, this dud didn't cost me the W. Can't trust him in the next two games. Gonna roll with two tight ends (Cook & Gronk) instead of using this dude.
  11. Benched Gronk for Cook. I feel a goose egg coming for C00k now.