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  1. Some quotes from the training camp. HC Matt LaFleur: And from running backs coach Ben Sirmans: Some Packers fans here that can tell their insights and beliefs of how Williams will be used?
  2. Had #4 last week and drafted Henry with confidence. After CMC, Barkley and Zeke he seems as a safer option than others at this point.
  3. Also Jamaal Williams isn't going away: And in video form... Rodgers talks nearly 2 min about Williams and also said that Dillon will need some time, before he's getting some opportunities:
  4. Just wanna leave this one here. Can't deny that he had his role the last seasons. The Packers want to run even more and maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to Rodgers words. Someone rostering this dude for the first weeks?
  5. Yeah of course! Here's the tweet from Brooke Pryor: Ben said it in today's press conference at 10:42 min.
  6. Steelers fan here... I expect that Snell will be the lead back in Pittsburgh if Conner goes down. And I don't think we have to wait too long for that to happen. Snell had a very good camp and looked good with the limited touches last year. Also, last year he had surgery during the season before he got the bulk of carries. That alone shows the trust the team has in Snell. Yes, at that point there wasn't that much competition as practice squad running backs also got some carries, but Samuel isn't a threat and as long as with McFarland you have to wait, but I don't think he is lead back material and has his own role even with a healthy Conner. The coaching staff loves Snell and in my humble opinion, this love is justified. Many expect Snell to be the running back for the Steelers in the coming years with Conner in a contract year and cap space hell next year in Pittsburgh. If Conner goes down, I think they want to know what they have in Snell, no worries about a fantasy irrelevant commitee.
  7. Ben is fine, maybe in better body shape than ever. In a documentary he told that he had pain in his elbow his whole career and now his arm is feeling better than ever. He'll slinging it, no worries...
  8. No hate towards Juju, except from some writers... But me personally, I believe Diontae is THAT good that he can be the number 1 guy in this offense this year.