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  1. Are you on quaaludes? There’s no scoring system or crazy gorilla math that makes this even remotely accurate.
  2. The picture is perfectly accurate - Conner gets knicked up pretty often and it often hurts his fantasy production. If you started him week 1, he left you holding the bag. Many passed on him in drafts for this reason. Just because you choose to ignore it doesn’t mean we have to.
  3. You don’t get to ignore week 1 just because you don’t like that Conner got hurt. Your argument is insane.
  4. He’s ignoring Conner’s week 1 stats due to him leaving due to injury & factoring in the early bye week due to the Titans COVID outbreak. To say it’s an incredibly thin argument is an understatement.
  5. He's omitting the Connor's week 1 stats because it hurts his argument.
  6. They're not remotely close in total points either. Robinson has more receptions, more TDs, and more yards.
  7. We need a downvote emoji. Thanks, like, and haha isn't enough. Also I'm going to say he ignored it.
  8. Propensity to miss games or leave them early absolutely factors into fantasy scoring. You can't ignore it just because it hurts your case.
  9. Cut him before kickoff yesterday. About to blow up my FAAB budget.
  10. Conner has missed 16 games due to injury in the last two seasons. Dunno if he's brittle or just unlucky, but unless you play in a league that gives bonuses for time spent in the training room Conner has the lower floor an it's not close.