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  1. It totally is... I don’t think we have the tools to try and be a hyper electric offense though, so I am okay with this. Give Henry the ball, play defense, Davis is the best WR we’ve have in what 10 years? So hopefully that and Mariota’s legs are enough to keep defenses honest. Biggest holes are pass rush, and interior OL... passing game tools could be better obviously, maybe bring in a vet there, but I think Walker will be at least okay as a safety valve coming back.
  2. CJ is the best, he’s just a lil chubby but he does amazing basically every time someone feeds him.
  3. The #1, RW GOAT WR... You don’t know who the great bambino is?... go look for the locked thread with about 300 pages.
  4. I’m sure it’s been said, but man Josh Gordon has got to be kicking himself. Pats are desperate for a weapon he was it. He could have been in the big game after being in Cleveland for the first part of his career and probably even been big part of the pats attack.
  5. I greatly prefer auction, but I do think snake evens out the skill level to a degree. Once you get past the top 40-50 players, more casual players start to have minimal knowledge of player situations, etc. With an auction, someone that has a lot of knowledge might be able to pick up 4-5 players that would be 5th round picks just because the rest of the league isn't really as informed. Also, I think auctions generally take longer.
  6. Eh, there was a fairly clear misuse of D. Johnson, their one solid weapon that they had just paid a bunch of money to early on. The team just overall seemed out of it and got blown out a bunch, went from 8-8 to 3-13. I am guessing they also were basically looking at Rosen with that decision. Either they stick it out with Wilks and hope he can develop Rosen or get a new guy in there that might be better suited to help Rosen grow. My guess is they didn't like what they saw and didn't want to waste another year with Rosen under Wilks... The grass is always greener on the other side.
  7. Winter doesn’t start until December 21st, that’s why, just gotta keep holding out. I’d suggest starting weekly for those that own him👍
  8. Who do we think are the top defenses to close out the year, especially looking at weeks 15/16?
  9. Why assume a career ending injury vs take out an actual insurance policy on the potential lost wages and take the 14 million. Even if he did get injured he would have that 14 million plus whatever the next deal was. If he gets 15-20 million guaranteed that isn’t even close to a win for him. I do think he’ll get 30 or more but he’s going to be playing for Oakland or NYJ and he might have to deal with the tag again.
  10. Had he played this year, he would only need 31 million guaranteed and roughly 14 million in average annual salary (depending on the length of contract) to have the exact same pay over the course of his deal. Maybe he'll hit the jackpot, but I am always more interested in what the big FAs end up with since they often get cut before their deal is up anyway.
  11. Here is why I think many people are saying he made a bad decision: For this decision to be “good” he needs to make at least 14 million more on his next deal than he would have gotten has he just played this year and still been a free agent. He will get more than 14 million guaranteed on his next deal but that’s not the comparison. It’s 14million + deal he would have gotten if he played vs 0 + whatever he lands in FA. I think option 1 was much better and safer (with an insurance policy). Had an injury occurred, his stock would have obviously been down, but not zero. An insurance policy could have covered for this, but ARob just got a nice deal coming off a season lost to an ACL tear and ARob only had 1 good season. Plus, if Bell for example got hurt playing basketball right now, or working out, etc. he’d be SOL. I believe his ego was hurt with the Gurley deal and he now thinks this is what’s best, I just disagree and don’t see him making up that 14 million since I believe the deal he gets this year would basically be the same either way.
  12. Someone should sign him. He plays for a few weeks and if you like him you try to resign if not he walks and you could end up helping yourself with the compensatory picks. I think he would be a great backup in several spots. Here are a few I think he could play a more consistent role in. Indy: Wilkins is not good and Mack is injury prone. I think he’s be a clear upgrade over Wilkins and could get 4 - 7 carries a game there as a nice breather for Mack and clock killer in games that get out of hand. SF: He’s better than Morris at this point and Breida is made of glass. Problem is they are probably just going to wait until next year with Jimmy G out. But he could easy take 5+ carries a game here and lighten the load for Breida. Atl: He’s better then ito and Coleman will walk after this year. CJ could fill Ito’s role as ATL hopes to make a playoff push and I think the receivers there would really help CJ since he isn’t a burner and they can strectch the field for him.
  13. I thought of doing this too. Problem is we keep 1 player and it is an auction league so I think he’d just get scooped and stashed for next year by someone else...
  14. Standard or ppr? I’d probably hold tight in ppr. Without Woods your WRs seem dicey to me.
  15. I would try to find a better WR. I don’t think this trade helps you a ton. I’d say it’s pretty even, and Cooper could end up being the WR you need, but he’s risky obviously. You don’t need Chubb at all, I’d just go Coleman plus Hilton for as good of a WR as you can get.