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  1. Exactly- hedging on a player's status more often than not means "they're out".
  2. looks like shoulder but wasn't much impact there
  3. I was going to write something funny about placing an over/under on a yes/no question but then my brain exploded
  4. Hoping for a David Montgomery type of line against the Eagles from a couple weeks ago.
  5. Yep- this looks no better than a 'starting back for the Lions' situation. Hard to get real excited about it.
  6. Not fantastic, but still starting him as a Flex. Hoping for ~80 yds from scrimmage total and a TD.
  7. The logic is if he is 80% healed there may be a higher risk of reinjury. If you wait 2 more weeks, he'll be at 100%
  8. Absolutely- lots of negativity about his lack of efficiency, but points are points. Was a great sign seeing them feed him multiple times inside the 5. Perfectly fine especially in Standard, he is the RB19, averaging 10.9PPG. That's a pretty darn solid Flex and even low-end RB2. He's only had one complete stinker and that was Week 1.
  9. His upcoming schedule is kinda concerning- how many points is this team really expected to score? Next 4 weeks: SF @Min @Buf BYE I'm not quite at the 'set and forget' comfort level yet.
  10. Let's say he gets 75% of the snaps in the backfield Sunday. do you trust him to produce vs. the SF defense?
  11. 10 Std points for Sony- not a disaster for an RB2. Ugly but could've been worse (and much much better).
  12. Now if we can just get Anquan Boldin to come out of retirement at halftime we'll have a complete set