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  1. That everyone's gonna hate. People think they're cool now but when Mahomes goes all TB and isn't letting any other teams win SBs for a decade everyone's gonna hate them. Soon enough... Soon enough
  2. He was also wide open I think it was the third quarter on the right side. He beat his man and the CB had no help over the top. Terry threw his hand up to signal I'm open but Smith threw the ball to the left side. Would of been an easy 50ish +
  3. You're absolutely correct on that theory. It's just my opinion that dissly is better the hollister. I also think they're will be more than 3-4 targets going to the TE position. I believe that was a result in olsen just sucking and the other two barely being out there enough to get more targets. I could be flat out wrong but I do believe in dissly out of the two. I can always fallback on a Fant or someone like him if it doesn't work out
  4. Part of that could be that Greg Olsen was washed up and they still kept trotting him out there. Dissly should of been starting the entire time imo and hollister taking the other snaps. I understand them being loyal to olsen after what he's done in his career but sometimes you just gotta go with the better options
  5. Looking back at it omg he was nasty lol 22 18.2 18.7 12.8 I'm gonna pick him up, I'll take half of that and be pretty happy
  6. How are people feeling about RT in deeper formats? Liking the targets recently but Adams is out so not 100% confident yet. Any packer fans with any insight?
  7. Anyone digging deep in the TE pool for him this season? My league we gotta own 2 so he end up being my second to last pick. Thought it was solid after skipping on a second for almost the whole draft.