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  1. Can't you just copy n paste them in notepad or something? Or just print the page?
  2. 100% My 1 league goes through week 17 , best record wins. My other does playoffs and the worst playoff team usually wins lol
  3. Same thing was said about cam. Those hits added up quick, then cmc got those
  4. Bench points or h2h record should definitely be the tiebreakers not seeding
  5. Lamar again. 3rd year will be even more consistent. Will break his own records ❤️
  6. When you are the Champ there's no depression that off season. Win more ❤️
  7. I think mid 2nd rounder redraft. Not familiar with auctions
  8. Infection. Saying it shouldn't affect his status for Sunday lol wtf
  9. Being spoiled every week with Lamar , MT, Steelers Def and Josh Jacobs. Won't forget my TE issues all season. Kept picking up the wrong guys or missing out on mini hot streaks on others. Was very annoying. Will target a Top 3-4 TE next year to try to avoid that