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  1. Im looking to fill a 16 team espn league ppr league thats been active for about 8 years, I have 8 teams right now you can combine your league into mine if youd like
  2. Currently got 8 looking to fill as close to 16 as I can get or combo with your league into mine.
  3. Kick one from yours and join with your league into mine lol ***** free and larger leagues are way more fun and competitive you actually gotta dig for sleepers and s--- instead of a teams full of pro bowlers, actually takes skill not just luck
  4. Im looking to fill an espn league right now, 16 teams free league, I saw you got 8 I do too, if you want to combine our leagues to fill mine let me know drafts at 9 trying to fill before 8
  5. damn I was asking cause im also trying to fill an espn ppr league, i got 8 usually i run 16 teams, was hoping to combo with another league if it fit
  6. Combine your league with mine, I have an ESPN league with 8 that I am trying to fill out, i saw you got six thatd pretty much fill mine. PPR, Snake Draft
  7. how many you got? I'm trying to fill a 16 team league thats free to play too. Need 8 teams right now
  8. I got a free ESPN league, trying to fill it before 8pm drafts at 9 pm est. ppr, snake draft, trying to get 16 teams got 8 right now
  9. Trying to fill my free 16 team league for draft tonight, leagues been established for around 8 years. Trying to keep it alive and going, active league manager, ESPN league, send me an email address and I'll add you. It's just for fun and good times.