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  1. i thought for sure he was gone before i picked my te cause everyone started taking tes early, i have no idea
  2. Tragedy, id start looing for guys that could steal jobs someone like nick chubb if hes not picked up.
  3. Had a draft last night and I'm pretty happy with what i got. (Just picked up Reed for Kittle and dropped Mack for Lions DEF) This is also a Half PPR league. 1. (3) David Johnson (Ari - RB) 2. (18) Devonta Freeman (Atl - RB) 3. (23) Mike Evans (TB - WR) 4. (38) Doug Baldwin (Sea - WR) 5. (43) Alex Collins (Bal - RB) 6. (58) Allen Robinson II (Chi - WR) 7. (63) Deshaun Watson (Hou - QB) 8. (78) George Kittle (SF - TE) 9. (83) Kerryon Johnson (Det - RB) 10. (98) Robby Anderson (NYJ - WR) 11. (103) Marlon Mack (Ind - RB) 12. (118) Kenny Stills (Mia - WR) 13. (123) Peyton Barber (TB - RB) 14. (138) Pierre Garcon (SF - WR) 15. (143) Matt Prater (Det - K)
  4. So i had my draft last night and there was just too much talent still left in my opinion to pass on these guys so i ended up not drafting a DEF. but obviously I need to drop someone to pick up a DEF so who do yo think i should drop? Thanks guys WRs: Allen Robinson(Keep) Kenny Stills(Keep) Robby Anderson Pierre Garcon RBs: Kerroyn Johnson Marlon Mack Peyton Barber
  5. for those later rounds hes a good value, but at round 4 the only think that scares me was his ability to catch balls last year (especially if it's ppr) wait and see if he's getting any goal line touches and his ability to catch this year to really evaluate what hes going to be
  6. i really like your starting WR/RBs just because of the sheer work load of catches i think theyre gonna get this year. i think youll see a small decline by diggs this year as far as stats go but not as receptions and looks, hes no doubt going to be that #1 guy there driving down the field and hes a solid burner i like ingram more than cobb after he gets off that suspension. cooper kupp also gets looked past a lot but he gets looks all the time and especially in the redzone, i forget the % of times he was targeted in the redzone last year but i remember it being a crazy number and that def is better so the off will see more driving opportunities. Your bench and TEs are okay for a 12 man but as long as you dont have major injuries i think you'll do solid. good luck man I'll give you a B grade but your teams outlook is like an A
  7. One player i love this year (specifically in PPR) is McCaffrey because lets be real thats the best receiver leading up to the redzone this year(then its olsen), dont get me wrong i like funchess for what he can become this year but due to that line not always holding up i can see cam dumping that ball to him a whole lot like 30+ touches/catches a game.
  8. in my opinion id put baldwin in there over sanders just because of the possibility of the work load he might get, hes no doubt their best receiver on that team and with all the trouble they have at that o line you know russel is going to be forced to throw the ball.
  9. i actually like rex and jay first game due to lack of other receivers for those teams rn, plus philly is home theyre all pretty close so look at the possible workload of all of them.
  10. id wait like two weeks and wait for hogan to get those nice stats we all know hes gonna get then ship him off with another bench player and get someone like baldwin who has crazy upside this year
  11. upside to bell even for 13 weeks is way higher than those receivers even if you didnt have conner, youre fine start conner in a standard league or start jay in a ppr
  12. bad idea the steelers are gonna do everything in their power to get the most consistent rb in the league the past 4 years (besides the year he got hurt) on the field, cause just like we all know this is the steelers last chance at a super bowl with big ben, and chances of landing a good qb are never in an nfl teams favor
  13. Pretty much every player you gave up is noticeably worse than the players he's giving up. He's clearly overreacting to whats happening with bell even if he wasn't going to play for the first three weeks guaranteed i still wouldn't do this trade as a bell owner. yea i like the potential of brown and larry fitz is always going to be solid but come on AJG has the chance to blow up into top 5 WRs this year and Jones Jr is a solid a** wr2 basically the same as Larry Fitz. just with those two it's an unfair trade. if you wanna get some value out of conner (who will be useless in 3 weeks) try for murray straight up? or conner and fitz for Jones Jr. and Murry cause they both show more upside to me