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  1. Sorry did not have a limit on the leaguesafe(just updated) but the league is full, sorry guys.
  2. We could not find a league that fits what we are looking for so we created our own. We have 3/10 so far and need 7 others. $15 Buyin Standard ESPN Scoring Draft Type: Snake Teams: 10 (To keep it fun) Pay with LeagueSafe today - https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3884241 and then I will send an invite to the league for ESPN. (NOTE: Need everyone to join the league before I can confirm draft time but planned for 11pm(EST) tonight wed Sept 5th Email, message here or message me for more details
  3. My wife and I would like to join a paid league as our normal group bailed out. Ideally 10-12 person league with snake draft but we are open to other types of settings.
  4. Do you still need 2 people? We would be interested
  5. Is there a buyin or just a free league, I am looking for 2 spots up $20 buy in
  6. Are there still spots available? cslade3@gmail.com and aimeeslade3@gmail.com
  7. Are you adding any other teams? I am looking for 2 spots, let me know if someone does not pay.