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  1. I like crowder here. Help on mine:
  2. Pascal and Samuel for me. Help on mine:
  3. 2 days is standard but our commissioner pushes our trades through when he gets notified.
  4. Agree with Carson and Singletary. Cardinals showed the blueprint to getting some ground yards on the niners. Help on mine:
  5. I think you gotta roll with winston. his receiving weapons are just too much for the cards D. Help on mine:
  6. I think i'd roll with bell and singetary too. I have a similar scenario i could use your opinion on:
  7. Parker for sure. He's numero uno there. Help on mine:
  8. Juju has popped up late on the injury report. Monitor it. I'd actually probably bench him of those options regardless. Help on mine:
  9. I am in a 10 team PPR league. Currently in 3rd but battling some odd scenarios and byes this week. Kind of a hodge podge of what should be sure choices under normal circumstances. Which two do you got between these four scenarios: Le'Veon Bell - kind of a mysterious knee situation David Johnson - "100%" but tough defense and unknown usage of Drake Devin Singletary - Likely the 1A now in Buffalo but thats just when they'll suddenly use Gore 70% of the time LOL Jaylen Samuels - Conner out again. Target magnet. Let me know your two and why. As always, drop a link and i'll help out 100%
  10. Thanks for the help on mine. As a fellow TY owner I have a similar predicament to consider. In your case I like packaging him up to better your returns
  11. Thielen Metcalf Johnson Samuel Shepard
  12. I like woods and I do like grabbing Pascal if you can. Help on mine:
  13. I’d agree with the majority here. I like freeman over anything dolphins related. Help on mine: