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  1. where did I say I was only going to draft crap? The idea is - while others probalby focus young players, especially rookies - to focus players their prime is right now and not in 2 years.
  2. That's what I did and what I'm planning to do: Use my rookie picks - since I expect them to be worth not much - to move up the board and load my team with elite talent to have the edge in this year (and therefore make my rookie picks even more "worthless")
  3. My idea was that especially in a 16 team leage - where elite talent is super valuable - it is worth jumping up the board. Let's be say it works out and I end up top 5 this year. How much do you get for a rookie pick #11-16 compared to what I get now in early first round.
  4. Let's say I could confirm that #2 takes MT and would talk #3 into trading it for my #7 and a 2nd + 4th round rookie pick. Would you take Hill at 7 or make the trade and take Saquon?
  5. important knowledge! Yes, seasons are long and the idea is not to only draft players who are probably out of the league in a year or two, but to build a young core of elite players like CMC and Barkley or Hill and then use aged player to bring me over the final hump. I would highly appreciate this list. Haven't digged in too deep for later rounds (except for some rookies or young players I really like) and espcially not IDP, which will be nice.
  6. Finally, after 2 years of discussions i could convince my home league to switch to dynasty. League: 16 Team, PPR, non-SF, IDP Fate decided that I have the #1 spot and I'm pretty set on CMC with that. I already did a trade for the #7 overall spot for which I had to give away #33 and a '21 first and third round rookie pick. Originally I did this to go for Tyreek Hill, because I'm super high on him, but I got some other ideas now. My idea - as you can guess - is to go all-in first year to win the title. Here are some ideas I had. The guy swith the second overall is a hardcore Saints fan, so I guess he will take MT: I was thinking about trying to talk to the #3 pick about moving up from #7 to get the CMC/Saquon combination. That would probably cost me my whole rookie draft, but who cares, right? My next pick would be #33 and I'd hope Julio Jones falls there because he's "old", but I can't guarantee this, that would be quite the fall (I think he is going somewhere around #25). AJ Green goes around #100 and he could be a nice addition to my all-in team. What are some other players you would look at if you were in my situation?
  7. My redraft league changes to dynasty this year. Prior to the startup draft I made the following trade: I get: - #7 overall pick startup draft I gave: - #33 overall pick startup draft - 1st round rookie draft ‘21 - 3rd round rookie draft ‘21
  8. Why is Hollywood ranked so low for dynasty purposes? On Sleeper he is pick #75 and on DynastyNerds he is #89. How is he ranked behind half of the new Rookie WR class? Did i miss something? Yeah, he had surgery, but as I read, everything should be fine. I also get he is „only“ a deepthreat, but he is on a very potent offense. I‘m super high on him, so I don’t complain.
  9. My #2 WR especially in Dynasty. Would even consider taking him over MT possibly.
  10. Height: 5'9" Weight: 198 lbs Age: 22 Drafted in round 4 by the Steelers (Pick 124). Low chance he will make in impact in year 1, but you never know. Connor is injury prone and Samuel + Snell can't be the answer. He is blazing fast and - if given the chance - provide some upside. If I was the Conner owner in a league, I would try to get this guy for my last bench spot. The Good: Has home run speed (4.44 40-yard dash) Speed to get to the perimeter and stretch defenses Very fluid athlete, difficult to square up on due to great lateral agility Will make defenders miss with his elusiveness Keeps legs moving through contact which leads to many broken tackles Hits the hole quick, great burst Playmaker who can turn nothing into a big play The Bad: Extensive injury history dating back to high school Going to need more development as a pass protector Needs to anchor better if he wants to be a three down back Struggles in short yardage (I straight up stole this from here, if you are interested in the guy, it's a good read)
  11. does though! I read something like the dutch, the belgians and the Rhein-Land-Pfalz (german county) are in talks for a coordinate lifting of the ban to start reopening the borders, too. I hope this is true because I had some holidays planned for summer to use the "liberty" the netherlands offer 😁
  12. remember when rotoworld forums had this "confused" reaction. I really could use it here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. feels like honey in my throat
  14. Nowadays sport teams are just businesses. The leagues are in the same position as are the politics. Open the league (or country on larger scale) up again and risk a second wave of corona or don't do it and see one club after another declare bancrupcy (or companies on the larger scale). That goes for every country and every sports club. I can't speak for NFL or NBA teams and how it would affect them if the league closes for a full or half season, but in germany that will cost many clubs the existense. And while it's easy to just say "well, the players are millionairs and they will find another club", we should not forget that these clubs are employers to thousands of people who rely on them. Currently, Bundesliga is trying to restart the league on 16th of may with a huge hygene rule set etc. and very regular tests (which opens the discussions why are rich sport leagues able to do tests before every practice, but hospitals run empty on it, but that's a whole nother beast). If I look at my favorite news ticker app for soccer (btw. it really hurts to call it soccer, but when I start call it football here it would only lead to confusion) there are everyday upcoming reports of players potentially tested positive and as Boudewijn said correctly there is a Division 2 club - Dynamo Dresden - which has 2 confirmed positive cases just yesterday. French league - Ligue 1 - and its second devision - Lique 2 - have cancelled any matches for this season and already declared their goal scoring champ (Mbappé), but no actual champion. Same goes for netherland leagues (where @Boudewijn probably knows more ). Both have cancelled the current season and did not crown a champion. This all leads to the problem that with some leagues being activated again and some cancelling their seasons the european contests (Champions League and Euro League) are in a weird situation. Currently they are trying to continue it in august, but who knows. ---- Personal note: Germany just started opening the public again slowly. Different branches of shopping, hair cutters, bakers etc. are opening up again (thank god for those poor people), but there is a maximum number of allowed customers at the same time and it's mandatory to wear masks. It's inconvenient, but managable. I am lucky enough to have a job where I can work from home (and where I can chill on the rotoworlds forum the whole day lol) while some of friends are on "unpaid vacation", which sounds horrible at first, but the state jumps in and pays you 60% of your salary (65% if you have at least one child) and most of the companies then pay you the other 40% to guarantee you can pay your bills. The state is also dishing out small cheap credits for local businesses which don't have to be paid back if you keep all your employees over the time. I can only compare to the headlines I read from the US, but here in germany it isn't freedom at all costs and we trust our gouvernement to do the right thing. So there is very little counter push against being on quarantine like there seems to be in the US. Can't really compare since I'm not the most knowledgable about everything, but it seems like we are pretty good prepared and are handeling it pretty well at least compared to other countries.