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  1. Can someone explain to me how the contract situation works? He still has 6m guaranteed from the Jets, right? Does he get that now or at the end of the season or are that monthly payments? Also, every contract he now signs is on top of that money. So if he would sign a 2m guaranteed one year deal he would have 8m this year, right?
  2. Need Gostkowski to score less than 17 points
  3. Gibson was great when Allen was much as I love the comback of Alex Smith, he was pretty bad.
  4. main league is 16team dynasty too and no one mentioned here is available...Joe Reed and Isaiah Wright are the only ones I can currently think of that are free agents.
  5. Since the title doesn’t mention dynasty at all i tackled it like a „right now-ranking. Just wanted to throw in that - of corse - for dynasty leagues you mustn’t disregard the injured players.
  6. well, no matter for what i play i want to pay the cheapest price, right it’s a gamble of corse and if i lose, all praise to you who bough early.
  7. I would maybe wait for 3 weeks before going for harris. Denver, Bye and then 49ers. Can’t see him having good rushing games in the next 3 weeks.
  8. I was debating drafting him (in startup this year) and after that trading for him, but i don’t really feel like he will be the 3 down back. Running Back Draft Class seems nice next year, too and with the load of free agent RBs next year, i am worried. I went and acquired McFarland and Dobbins (even though I had to give Saquon) because I feel like they are destined to become starters in (and that’s important) run heavy teams (BAL) or teams who have a bell cow (PIT). On the receiver side I drafted Pitman and am still really high on him. Don’t think you will get him any cheaper than now (or in the next weeks). When he gets back on the field, it will be too late. Really would like to get Jefferson, but the owner is a hardcore Vikings fan and collects all his panini cards, so he is untradeable. Edit: Luckily I own Gibson, because he is also one of those must own guys on dynasty and will be expensive.
  9. too hot to start him this week with not knowing what’s his status and especially what’s the status of the game. Wouldn’t be too mad if they made forfeit the titans the game giving AJ another week.
  10. dynasty 16 team (see sig) gave: Barkley got: McLaurin, Dobbins and Henderson
  11. both haven't shown much and are currently hurt, aren't they? So dynasty wise they should be on everybodys radar, but currently they haven't done much.
  12. Will this be the poor man '19 CMC and McLaurin the '19 DJ Moore breakout? I would really like that!
  13. Haven't seen the game, but was AJ Green shadowed by Darius Slay? That would explain why he was so useless and would lower my expectations for Higgins.
  14. This year is so much fun 🙃 Edit: Oh, Budda Baker needs surgery, too. Cool! Don't even have a spot for him on my IR anymore. (it's a dynasty league)
  15. Beware...New Yorks O-Line is very young and needs a lacks experience playing together/at all. I expect it to be way better next year.