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  1. Somewhat he intrigues me now that Rivers is out the door. It is somewhat connected what happens with Hunter Henry who is thearetically a Free Agent. If they draft a young QB at pick 6 (or even trade up) or stay with Taylor, are there many more safe targets you want in the league as Keenan Allen? He will dip in value and I will be all over it.
  2. As a Cook owner I would try to keep Mattison. Is there no two-for-one trade you can make where you get some value and get a additional spot for Mattison. I wouldn't go for LJ, but I would try to move Moster, because I'm not sure about his future and he just came of a huge game.
  3. What if this draft pick is JK Dobbins or D'Andre Swift? Not really likely, but you never know.
  4. Yeah yeah, it's early, I get it, but the Bengals Season is over for a while. I find Ross kind of interesting. He has injury issues, that's for sure, but if he was able to stay on the field for the whole 2020 season I think he would be a very valuable asset and that for a low price. The most intriguing thing about him is his (potentially) new QB - Joe Burrow. He has a damn good deep ball and could really go to town with a speedster like ross. The receiving room is pretty crowded with veteran AJ Green, upcoming star Tyler Boyd plus Auden Tate and Alex Erickson. But to me that is a good thing. I see Ross - if healthy - as #3 on that team. That means he won't be on the field for all the time, but when he gets the ball it will probably be a deep ball or a WR screen. Also he is - technically - in a contract year. I don't think the Bengals will activate his 5th year option (which if my research is righ, should be around 15m [would be happy if some1 confirmed this]). At the moment (01/21) he is drafted in dynasty start drafts as an WR5 (what that means for next years redraft is hard to say), but I could see him being a WR3 with WR2 upside next year. He will probably have some WR6 weeks, but also some WR1 weeks sprinkled in.
  5. Fantasypros has an Excel export for premiums, but you just can copy the whole table and paste it into Excel to standard format and it's the same thing.
  6. Ten going all the way, just because it would be a nice story.
  7. I know this is a useless discussion because opinions are set and likely won't be changed, but I never understood how losing a SB (or NBA Finals, although you can argue that the influence of one player is greater there) is something negative compared to not making it. That's just dumb. Brady won nearly twice as many playoff games as montana did. You're essentially saying not making the playoffs (or not getting to the SB) is better than losing a SB.
  8. That guy is a living legend and hasn't even played a whole season. Will draft him as backup QB just for said legend status.
  9. I never understood the idea of why you can be "exposed" as a system QB, as if this was something bad. Everybody is on some level a system player to negate stuff they can't do and do things they are really good at. Why does this diminish anything they archived? Sounds to me like the typical hater-attitude.
  10. Well, hello there! It finally happened - I was able to convince the last doubters in my home league that dynasty is the way to go now on. But before I start the process of choosing where to go and what to do, there are a lot of questions left to answer. So if any veteran dynasty players would share their knowledge I would be really happy. Let's go: 1. I looked thorugh some platforms and found MFL and sleeper the most appealing. While MFL has by far the most setting options I have seen so far, their app situation is horrendous. Sleeper has an amazing app, but the settings are a bit short (no FAAB trading for example). Which platform would you suggest? Is there one that combines both? 2. We are a 12-16 teams IDP league and want to continue to play with IDP in the dynasty format. At the moment our roster holds 21 spots (see sig). What would you suggest for number of roster spots in dynasty format? I imagine if we have 30 spots (+taxi and IR) with 16 teams WW will be none existent, right? (that also goes into the first start draft, 16 teams with 30 rounds will be a blast, lol) 3. In the first year we want to do one draft (including 2020 rookies), because we will probably struggle to get 2 dates where everybody is available. From then on - as dynasty implies - we only will have rookie drafts. How many rounds should that be? Since we are using IDP I guess we can do 3 or 4 rounds more than other leagues, right? So like 7 rounds? or 8? I guess if we are really that many teams, the rookie class will be pretty dry after 6 x 16 picks. 4. Talking about rookie draft and taxi squads: Imagine my roster is full and my taxi squad is empty. Do the rookies I draft go automatically into my taxi squad? Are they in a kind of "proxy" squad where I have to decide what to do? If my roster and taxi squad are full, do I lose all my drafted rookies? Essentially, do I have to make room for all rookies before the draft or will I be able to decide after the draft what I keep, what I drop and what I move to taxi squad? (Or is it even diffentely from platform to platform?) That's all so far, I hope there's somebody out there who can help me. Thanks in advance ❤️
  11. If you started a dynasty league this season who would be the first QB on your board? LJ or Mahomes?
  12. Godwin and Carson worked out I guess. Curtis Samuel was meh, but traded hiim for Gallup who was okay.