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  1. I am in a similar situation with Golladay and am try to decide between rolling out Miller or Zach Moss, leaning towards Miller.
  2. im in nearly the exact same spot as you. I have sanders, jackson, AP, and a couple others. i have two spots, gona roll will sanders n jackson bc as an eagles fan it will literally kill me if he goes off on my bench. packers are beatable by pass catching rbs too n the eagles love being underdogs.
  3. Id say trade away Juju bc you stacked in Wr and he still has high value right now but that could dip if production tanks without Ben. TY could work too but with the injury, might be harder to get ppl to bite.
  4. Ya id go with scary terry as well, good match-up, and guy seems to be clear #1 for redskins
  5. in a 0.5 ppr league, who do i start Rb2 and flex spot : M.Sanders, AP, D.Walker, J.Jackson, C.Hyde Thanks for any help
  6. Is anyone playing this guy on thursday? think i might have to even though i feel bad about it
  7. Id say Williams too even though i like the matchup Jones has
  8. Need some help with deciding my two flex spots, leagues 1/2pt PPR, have two flex spots. Pick 2 G.Allison, C.Samuel , L. Murray, TY Hilton, J,Jackson Leaning towards TY and Samuel but might take a chance on Allison or Murray. Any thoughts here help, thanks
  9. Trying to decide between him and david moore... its a tough that my game rides on. Baldwin could being used as a decoy..But you cant really argue with his target share
  10. Do you play him even if Baldwin is active ?
  11. Sutton and Doyle as there floors are higher . I think Fitz has a rough matchup and Ebron is a TD dependent lotto ticket pick
  12. id go Duke hard for me to trust gus on one game This ones hard, but id go with Boyd i think with Green back he gets an upgrade in a game that could turn into a shootout. 12 team .5ppr Do i play Baldwin with groin injury or a sleeper like David Moore, M Williams or Inman . Im in a win or go home situation leaning towards Moore.
  13. Conner/Sanders for Nuk/Woods is believable if he doesnt bite on the this ^
  14. Ya i like this one the most. Maybe even try to work something out for R Woods.
  15. Ya i would drop Gio and Samuels for Edwards. Keep Howard the bears are heating up